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Interesting forum topics

A list of interesting topics on the GameDev Blender forum. Maybe they help you on your journey or inspire you.

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Problem solving

Problems when baking


Blender hardware

Blender and Game engines - Unity / Unreal


Exceptional and very inspirational work

Many students work on beautiful projects. Using a high level of Blender knowledge. Worked for days on the subject. But some of those projects are exceptional and rarely noticed. So we want to give them an extra push.


Just funny outcomes


  • This is the home page of the book 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development. You can now read the entire book for free!

Other WIKI's

Working on anything blender lately, Pete?

Currently not, because I’m following the 2D Game art course.
And (again) frustrated about computer performance.
It’s not waiting for a single render. But the part when you are combining everything into a composition and you want to tweak light, colors, positions, etc. Working with material nodes or composition nodes is relatively slow.
So, I’m trying to use Eevee in an animation. But Eevee has some specific ‘problems’, which discouraged me. So first 2D skills, then story boarding and then making props and animate.


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