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Does anyone know how to do the last bit but for Unreal? I’ve done it in Unity, kinda worked, I got to a bug and wanted to export the animations to Unreal and I’m stuck with the caracter not moving in the animation panel. Until now I’ve scaled everything to centimeters and raised my rig’s scale by 100. Scale looks ok in unreal, my problem is that the animations are not…well animated. My orc just stays there like an idiot. My frame rate is set to 30 (Unreal prefers it like that), armature is named Armature I’ve tried different axis, didn’t do anything. Any tips?

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If i remember correctly Unreal has issues with the Armature being called Armature and it needs to be renamed to Rig or rig.
I’m very very rusty in unreal but that may be the case here.

Give it a try and let us know how you get on

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Hi, @Marc_Carlyon thank you. Epic has solved the naming issue with the rig. It can have any name, though they suggest on changing from Armature to anything else. The problem I had was that my rig was on rest position and aparently that doesn’t work. I’ve set it back to pose position and tried exporting it again going through the different settings I’ve tried yesterday and all worked. So the rest position was the only problem. It even works with the armature named Armature. Thanks again for your help!


Awesome thanks for updating me on the changes its really appreciated and glad you found the solution and taking the time to post it for us too :slight_smile:

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