Final Render

Put a lot of hours into this one.


But! It pays of!
It’s always in the details!
Beautiful composition and vibrant colours. Nice and detailed posture of the rabbit. Enjoying his spare time. Reflection in the eye, the watch. Fur is outstanding. Nice whiskers.

I love this piece of Art!

Five Thumbs :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Thank you! Hard work does pay off. Thank you for referring to this as Art, that’s very kind. It seems sculpting brings out my inner artist. :art:

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I tried sculpting a couple of times, but I can not get grip on it.
I use block modelling, but it has it’s specific use.
So, I appreciate the way in which this has been achieved.
And I really like the pose. It looks so familiar.

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Final image:

Process Animation:


Funny that your final choice is to look from right to left.
In animation, cartoons, comics it’s often left to right, to emphasize the action. Because we read from left to right. But it is a creative process. And I love this piece of Art!

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Thanks Pete! Yes, my thoughts exactly on the way we read an image in western culture. Also, flipping the image after seeing it one way for countless hours totally changed the way I perceived the image. The rabbit looks a lot bigger in the final image to me. All the lines are increasing toward the bunny now, instead of decreasing.

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I like your train of thoughts!

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