Orc Sculpt

This is my finished orc sculpt. I started this with the mindset of making something to 3D print for tabletop gaming. The clothing, weapons, and hair are all separate objects, so I’ll probably be ditching them to follow along with the rest of the course, as well as reverting to a non-posed version of the mesh.


Wow that’s amazing work, being at this level of sculpting I’m wondering what you need the course for.


To fill in the gaps in my knowledge and skills. I’ve only been working with blender since about January. I’ve learned a lot since then, but I’ve got a long way to go. I’ve learned enough to realize that there is more I don’t know than I do know about blender.


Fantastic model.


That looks very professional. great job!


Wow. That’s sick


Great job! Especially appreciate your hair sculpting, how did you make it?

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Curves. Essentially you can create a shape or a second curve to use as a profile for a curve object. It can be tricky until you get the hang of it l, but it’s a powerful technique for all sorts of applications.

This model was one of my early works and my first time using curves this way. I’ve since become a full-time 3D artist and I use curves in this way all the time for all sorts of different things. Wires, cables, rope, hair, shoelaces, etc. It’s very much worth learning.

Heres a good tutorial on how to use it for stylized hair:


Ok, I’ve found a huge amount of lessons to follow :brain:

Is that you? The YouTuBe poster :flushed:

Not me, just an awsome YouTuber I found along my learning journey.

Links to my social media and portfolio can be found at DemiDragon.com if you’re interested. I don’t post on social media or update my portfolio as much as a should, but you can find some of my professional work in the portfolio link on my website.


Cool! She has already been an awsome one along my journey :smiley:


I wonder, the feet - are they symmetrical, or do they point outwards?

I have a long way to go to reach your level :smiley:

It’s been so long since I made this model I’m not sure I believe they were correct, but they do look a little off in that render. Maybe it’s the lighting, idk. I do remember struggling with the boots on this one though. It was one of my first times doing shoes/feet.

Ive since had plenty of practice at it and become quite a bit better at it I think. These are a more recent pair of shoes/feet I did.

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Got it. And wow - this looks epic.

The fabric looks great. And the hover board too.

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