New Team Project

Team Project

We’ve been talking in The new challenge discussion thread! about doing a collaborative project together, so I’m just going to try to start one and see how it goes.

The idea is to choose a small scene to work on together. The purpose is to gain experience working on a project together as a team. This would be good practice for those of us who hope to work in the industry in the future, and would also increase the scope over what we can achieve individually. Plus I just think it’d be fun.

Here is a proposed timeline (with suggestions in parentheses):

  • propose topics (4 days)
  • vote on collective favorite (1 day)
  • whoever’s idea it was could be the “lead” for that project (unless they really don’t want to, then they/we could choose someone else)
  • we divide the labor (volunteer for what you’d like to work on, the lead can adjust as needed)
  • set some intermediate deadlines (depends on the project)
  • finish after a certain amount of time (a month or less)

If this works, we could then theoretically repeat it the next month in different roles, so that we get practice doing different things.

Anyone is welcome to join, though I hope those who join will see it through. Even if there are just a few of us, I think it will be worthwhile.

Let’s combine powers and have some fun!


Loose deadline for submitting scene proposals: 2020-06-25T03:00:00Z

I’ll get the ball rolling with a scene proposal as well, also to serve as an example.

This scene from Jurassic Park in low poly:

Scene elements:

  • humans (3 variations)
  • dinosaurs (2 types)
  • environment (hills, lake, sky, clouds)
  • flora (3-5 types)

Style: Low poly

Ideal Team size: 4-8 people
(1 or 2 people on each element)

Time Frame: 2-4 weeks, depending on team size


Loving this Jurrasic Park idea!

I suggest a beach with small beach houses.

Scene elements:

  • Houses (2 - 4 variations, some could be recolored)
  • Enviroment (sand, sea, sun, clouds)
  • Flora (grass and reed)
  • Items (beachball, spade, bucket)

Style: Low poly
Ideal Team size: u n l i m i t e d
Time Frame: 2-4 weeks


Great idea, here’s my theme, Edward Hopper’s Western Motel:

Scene elements:

  • Woman
  • Room interior (walls, ceiling, floor, window frames)
  • Landscape
  • Car
  • Furniture (bed, couch, nightstand)
  • Various props (luggage, two lamps, curtains, photograph stand and the cloth on the couch)

Style: low poly (I sense a pattern here :smiley: )
Team size: 1 for the woman, 1 or 2 for the exterior and 2 to 4 for the interior
Time frame: one month should be enough with 4 people, maybe something less with 7, though the woman is the bottleneck here


I like this idea very much.
But I lack time! So much other fun things to do and on going projects. Even participating in the weekly collab, is difficult for me.
Maybe, a loose participation, like model something. And other people doing the same thing. Then for the final composition, the best solution is choosen? Just an idea.


I think from the previous discussion that is the object. So for example if Albasca’'s one were chosen I could volunteer to make the suitcases. Someone else the bed, etc.


Totally. Part of the point is to set realistic goals, too. So if you know you don’t have much time, then you could just volunteer to do something smaller/simpler.

Personally, I’d rather decide at the beginning of a project who will do what, but I suppose we can try different methods. Maybe we can leave it up to the lead of each project.


When giving assignments everyone should state how much time they are willing to spend, then we should set reasonable deadlines for the intermediate steps so we can track everyone’s progress and reassign activities as needed.
It’s not work, everyone can have unexpected personal issues, or simply loosing interest, I’d say that we should just be honest and say right away if we can’t keep up for whatever reason and then we redistribute the activities or find replacement.
The point is trying our hands at a larger collaborative project, it’s not meant to be a chore, I think that everyone is just supposed to do their best and be honest about their commitment


Good stuff so far. Would be nice to get some more proposals. @Blest @Manu_Scheller @Yee @Ricardo_Rodrigues @Ethan_Martinez @Sahil_Nain Hope some of you guys from the weekly challenge can get it on this too if you have time! (sorry if I missed anybody)

Still about 2.5 days to submit ideas.


If you ask me, I like that Jurassic Parc idea, it’s epic, with motion. Though I don’t know how to make water, grass, fog and which quality of figures is suitable. Hopper’s picture is good for 3D, but I don’t know how to repeat texture (like water color stains), and there is a fear that perfectly done it will look like 2D. Beach houses are pretty, but it’s a one house colored in different ways, and sand, grass, clouds - a task for environment Guru.

I can suggest to make a street - a line of individual houses, limited with fasade width and, may be, graphics size. Then variety of styles will not be a problem, it will be a point of the project. ( And no deadline, and you can change it later. )

Only I don’t understand the technique of this: how to share files, how to append all into the main. And may be my creations would be too low for your project, - that’s why I am not very enthusiastic…

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Well, you make great low poly humans in the main weekly collab. Low poly is really not my style but could do high poly grass! lol. That’s is how this is meant to work you pick a part you can do, those more capable can manage what is left by others as difficult I suspect.

I am assuming sharing the files will be sorted out by someone who will explain some system that works for them, I know there are free sites that host images and others will do the same for other files. Strongly suspect there are many here with other areas of web use that will sort it out!

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I use github to store my personal projects, maybe we could set up a repository there and share our work that way; as for the technical aspect of building the scene I think that each model should be on a separate file and someone (the project lead?) can build the scene in a master file, with links to the models’ mesh datas.
This is a very basic example of what I have in mind:
github test scene

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Hard to say atm. The recent weekly themes I even wasn’t able to finish in front of the deadline due to personal life situations :grin:

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@Blest, as @NP5 said I think whichever idea we go with, there would be something you know how to make, just based on the work you’ve already shared. These proposals so far have all been low-poly, which I think is nice and inclusive. It’d more be about time and desire. If you want to join in, and have time, then come on in! (same goes for anybody who’s feeling the same way) And if not, then no worries or pressure.

I think you hit the nail on the head here!

No worries. Hope you can join in some time, if not this one then in the future.

That’s a good idea. I have only minimally used Git Kraken from the game assets section of the course, but I will check it out, as I think this will be useful for any of us who are hoping to work with others in the future. However if some people don’t have time/interest to learn it, maybe they can just send their files (DM, email, etc.) to another team member who knows how to use it? IDK

I think that’s the way to go.

This sounds awesome.
I would love to be involved in this.
Right now I’m a complete beginner. I will continue my blender course while contributing to this.

For now here is what I feel comfortable doing in a month time

  • Create couple Simple low poly models
  • Create few reference images (for the more complex models)
  • Help place objects in the scene to match original concept
  • Make some node graph materials for models (no textures)

As I continue the course I may find I can contribute with more things, but for now this is what I can do.


We should make a small discord-server for this!

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I’ve never used it. What could we do with it?

i agree , a discord server wold be great for discussions also .

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OK cool. Maybe one of you guys can set that up since you’re familiar with it?

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I’ll fix!

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