WIKI - Where has that Blender button moved to, or renamed to, in the update!

Can’t find a button or action from the course in the later Blender version you are using?

Here we can all add in those we come across for quick and easy solutions.

Post your discovered change in this thread.

Add a link to your post in this top post with a clear short description of the thing now different in Blender latest Official release.

Blender Release notes

4.0 Release

3.6 and older releases

Handy shortcuts, but forgotten

Other WIKI's

UV Show Stretching display tick box.

2.92 new placing. in the overview menu bar display dropdown.


Eevee Depth of field setting tick box.

In lecture 98. This box is in the Render Properties.

The depth of field tick box is now on the Camera Object data properties.


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