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Moved tools and add-ons to separate wiki-thread: WIKI - Free Blender-related tools and addons

After some short discord discussion I’m creating a post for gathering and maintaining a list of free resources that we can use while working with Blender.

Post resources below and I will try to categorize it and maintain the list. If you find inaccuracies in my descriptions - please point them out and @ mention me. Edit: or you can edit this post! Seems that it’s possible to make a post of “wiki” type :slight_smile:

Also, be sure to check the license of a given site/file before using them in your projects.


and honorable mention:







  • - Dimensions is an ongoing reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces that make up our world.
  • - Marc’s reaction sums it nicely “picks jaw up off the floor and then posts the link Need a free blue print for almost anything. Check out the above”. Note, only some blueprints are free (vector ones are paid). Requires creating account to download full sized images.
  • - Here you will find an assortment of free printable online graph paper.

Geometry Nodes

Other WIKI's

Thank you so much. You are amazing

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Adding link to

Thanks! I didn’t know half of these sites. :blush:

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Just learned about IES Library and added it to the list - quite a cool resource.

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No idea what they are or how to use them But all good for those that do! :rofl:

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It’s basically a way to describe the distribution of light from a light source (like a light bulb). Many manufactures actually provide IES information for their light bulbs. There is some way to use it in blender for sure :sweat_smile:. I’ve used them with unreal previously. It’s important to have if you aim for realism in interior scenes (e.g., archviz).

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Nice list of resources @bOBaN, I especially like the last link to blueprints, though I really would like some architectural blueprints, but I can’t find any good ones which are free.

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Added PureRef and Kuadro (don’t fit 100%, but useful, free and being asked about it from time to time)

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Thanks for this amazing thread!

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How about a chapter called “Add-ons”, like Manual vs Automatic Retopology NP5 suggestion.

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Good suggestion! Added (btw. it’s a wiki, so anybody should be able to edit first post :smiley: )

Ahhh, I didn’t know that. Wiki, how cleaver. I will do this for you. give me some time.

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Already done :smiley:

And I added as well. Didn’t use it but also heard good opinions about it (and it’s quite popular on Blender Market)

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So this Wiki feature, could also be handy for other topics … like those most asked questions …

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Yes! That’s a good idea. First thing that comes to my mind is baking the maps for Ogre :sweat_smile:.

(I discovered this feature just recently - when I was creating this thread)

I see a lot (you too) messages of student, who encounter some problems in an earlier stage of the course.


  • Cycles noise
  • Baking Orcs
  • Eevee shadow
  • Not applying scale …
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Definitely… that will not stop the questions, but it will definitely help answering them :thinking:.

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What about Materialize? To make your own texture maps.

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I wonder if we started to add tools to this list… shouldn’t we add tools like quixel mixer and armor paint?

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