Any one having problem with blender Edit mode?

I think my blender edit mode is very buggy. Many times am not able to select faces and sometimes I can’t select anything in edit mode. I have to switch back and forth between vertex mode, object mode and edit mode to get it working. Is any one facing the same problem ?

I am using blender 2.92.0 and running it on macOS catalina version 10.15.7

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Yes, strange indeed!

Maybe, try not to use the latest version of Blender?
You can install multiple versions of Blender!

I do this because I’m used to another version with a well-known UI.
And try out the latest version is I want to learn or tryout new functions.

thanks. which version r you using FedPete ?

2.91 and a copy 2.83.

No edit mode issues here.

You are on a Mac. They always crop up with some display issues, amd cards. It might be related to them. Sometimes driver updates help, sometimes going back a driver has helped! Not an area I can advise about but you may be able to search out Blender/Mac/AMD issues there are those that know out there still using Macs.

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Can you show us a screenshot?

Actually found the issue. There is a little dot on the left side of any collection object in the scene collection panel. After you click on the that dot it becomes square and then I am able to select the object in edit mode.

Well glad you found your answer.
Perhaps it is a minor daily change as I have 2.92 and never seen the dot. The square made of verts just symbolises edit mode it seems to me.

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I see. seems like if I have two separate objects in the scene (for example ground and pyramid in the image I share above) then only one can be in edit mode. When I click on the dot on the left side of Ground object it becomes square but the pyramid square becomes dot.

Interesting. It is related to taking more than one object into edit mode at once.
I just selected two objects and went to edit mode.
That highlighted both in the outliner and both are editable.
Both had mesh icons in the outliner.
Then clicking one object in the outliner turned it ‘off’ edit mode and the dot appeared!
That object then was not in edit mode along with the other.
BUT, clicking the dot brought that object back into edit mode again.

So the dot thing is related to the taking of multiple objects into edit mode at once and enables the excluding and readmitting of individual objects to edit mode with out having to go back and forth to object mode and edit mode selecting those you want to be in edit mode at the same time.

I still do not see why this would affect your basic ability to enter and work in edit mode of a single object. But never mind it works for you!

OK some people will find some use for this clearly. Can’t say I ever have found a use for multiple objects in edit mode at once. Hence not noticing this feature before I guess!


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