Normals got weird after baking cavities

My normal map was perfect until I swaped to bake the cavity map. What could cause this issue? It’s the same map that was ok 5 minutes ago. I tried re-baking it but I still get these squares.

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Check the obvious first, face orientation.

I’ve only changed the texture input node from normal to difusse. It worked just fine before that. I’ll check the faces in a bit, though I doubt they randomly swapped

normals are fine, it seems to be the edge of the seams, but I still don’t understand why it looked ok the first time

Found the culprit. It was the ray distance. Or probably not. I deleted the normal map from my hard drive, deleted the normal texture image node unlinked the image from everywhere, I had 2 normal maps, one is still showing up even though it doesn’t have any users or fake users, so I guess it’s a bug. Also I’ve put the ray distance from 0.02 back to 0.01. It might just be the other thing


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