Stylised Female Character

I finally finished the stylised female character sculpt by Grant. As mentioned in my preview post this is the first time I’ve not followed a sculpting tutorial step-by-step, rather I took the final render and used it as reference for the sculpting phase.

A few points:

  • In the tutorials the hair was one sculpted shape with a few curves for the strands. I wasn’t keen on the look so I decided to do the entire thing with curves. This approach was much more time consuming and added around two days to the project!

  • In the regards to the eyeballs I tried going with Grant’s quick eyeballs tutorial which uses an image texture but the result looked to “painted on” for my liking. I decided to bite the bullet and I created a procedurally generated eye. Much happier with the outcome and I can now use it for future models.

  • My UV unwrapping was absolutely atrocious and had this not been purely texture painted it would have been a disaster :sweat_smile:

  • And finally – I really, really need to upgrade from my M2 Mini Pro which made texture painting an absolute nightmare and 4k renders of around 30 mins. Animation is probably off the table with anything high poly :stuck_out_tongue:

Once again I must say thanks to @Grant_Abbitt for the plethora of material that he provides. Thanks to his teaching methods I’ve gone from zero to this sculpt in a couple of months – obviously there’s probably a lot of improvements I could make but I’m happy with my progress thus far! Hopefully one day I’ll reach a level where I can work in the industry but at 51 perhaps it’s a bit late in the day :sweat_smile: :older_adult:


Fantastic job! The character looks amazing.


Thanks for kind words :slightly_smiling_face:


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