My First Blender animation

Following Grant’s Anime character course I made this… What do you think? The Road to Light



Great animation.
The model’s armature is well implemented, natural feel in posing and movement.
Of course, the story is short but it tells it well. Nice cuts and camera position.
You did a great job on special effects too!

Thank you for the feedback. It means a lot, especially since I felt that my lack of experience in both Blender and pretty much everything related to filmmaking was seriously limiting me. However, I’ve definitely put all the knowledge I’ve gained so far from the gamedev courses I’ve completed to the test!

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It takes tiny steps to make a giant leap.
If you start Blender you got the feeling you can achieve anything.
But it takes a lot of knowledge and experience on many levels, for producing a video clip.
Not many student go for this extra mile. Sp, well done!

In the old GameDev courses, there was also a chapter about animation (not Blender posing etc.), but just on animation. Like the 12 animation principles of Disney.

  • Study that on your own.
  • Invest time in understanding the NLA editor of Blender. Where you can combine and re-use animations.

Have fun!

Which old GameDev Course are you referring to? I would like to check that out. And, you are right about the NLA editor. I did try using it but I got a bit confused. I think I eventually managed to use it on one of the later scenes. But I will definitely look into learning it in far more depth.

Thank you again!

Good animation with some smooth walking and movement. Great job.

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