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My targets dont clear. My code is the same as the instructors (I believe)
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Without bool
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Don't Understand the Logic
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waypoint.IsPlaceable returns nothing and does not change colors
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an Instsance of an object
"error CS1585: Member modifier 'private' must precede the member type and name"
"Can't add script component"
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Crash particle effect does not play
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Error CS0246
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Quiz Master -- Randomizing Questions
How does this behave different in Start or Update?
Last challenge, different method, same result
TileVainia Mobs turn around
Enemy Mover Scripts Error
Realm Rush Object reference not set to instance
UnityEditor not updating
Barry isn't going back?
Caching uses 8 lines of code vs non-caching using 4 lines of code
Button answer not work
OnTriggerEnter2d wont work
Can I change Surface Effector 2D Speed in script?
Hi, another error, don't know what it means
My question are all ways wrong
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Hitting obstacle does not increase Hit score
Problem with Boundaries
Boost is working, but
Code wont work
At the second and third level, the Player doesn't lose lives
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Lost in Laser Defender
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Lost in Laser Defender
Need help in Realm rush Tower instantiate and destruction
Controlling speed between two different scripts
(question) is my code correct? i can still press two at the same time
Confusion about pathfinding code
Is this a bad approach?
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Need help understanding local vs member variables
Console not printing
Unity Editor is freezing due to coroutine
Problem with destroying gameStatus when I restart my game
Particles not showing in game
HELP , I keep running into an error that reads Assests\Introducer.cs
Unable to spawn multiple balls
Rocket suddenly won't fly upwards (will rotate)
Why two times basewaypoint.isplaceable = false?
Need help with NullReferenceException
Buttons dont work on text101 section in unity 2d course
Start Function instantiate infinite number of prefabs?
Stack Overflow Error
Can not upload my game in
I've got some errors and warnings
Problem very important
Getting some wild errors
Once IsAttackerInLane() evaluates to true it stays the same
Stuck - Errors in Unity when I try and run it - 2d course - Lesson 25
About Health no emergencyyyyy(Laser Defender)
Making a main menu with the saving system
Insatiate a random object in a string only if that game object does not exist
Error NullReferenceException
Error with AdventureGame.cs
ZoomIn /ZoomOut : Null Reference exception
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Null reference exception
A Graphic Designer trying... unity and c#
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NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
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Getting Error - Feature "Local functions" is not available in C# 4
Hover and click color did not change
[Solved] Game doesn't switch to Win Scene if player dies
this.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().velocity compiler error
Am i doing something wrong orrrrr?
I'm stuck here because there are some error
CS0117: 'Terminal' does not contain a definition for 'Writeline'
[Solved] Need Help with Script Error
Game works, but I'm still getting "Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Dungeonis demo so far!
NullReferenceExeption Error
Confused after audio.Play(); didn't work
Text doesn't update when State changes
Getting the error because velocity
Object Reference Error
Enemy Formation doesn't move anymore
Block breaker paddle movement seems a little stuck
Next Level Activates after first block is destroyed - Counting issue
[SOLVED] My background size is half of the size of background which Ben teaching and My paddle is not starting from the centre where I am pointing the mouse what changes I do in the code?
Inacessible due to protection level
Confusion as to why I get Array Index out of range if I initialise an array in a certain way
Cannot Get Zero to Block Numbers(With Codes)
Script messing with Paddle collision
Omg i did this
"Cannot implicitly convert type 'int' to ' string'"
Getting multiple errors for input key presses
Higher or Lower always changes the guess to 0
[Solved] Bricks stopped breaking
Spawn enemies one at a time at the start of the game
How to decrease the chance of a power-up occurring?
If statement inside if statement
Issues after "Fully Event Based Raycasting"
General Coding improvement query
Control Ball velocity Angle
[HELP] Object reference not set to an instance of the object
Change level after killing specified number of enemies
Type vs. Class Confusion
Understanding the code
Adding Pictures to the Text Adventure
[Help] Blurry ship movement?
S1L5 : A Simple DIY Follow Camera || NullReferenceException: Object reference
String instead of Int for level tracking?
Unity 2017.4.1f1 - Making a button that loads the next scene
Static Variables Cannot Be Used in Other Script
Random.Range - namespace clashes
Laser Defender Text error
[SOLVED] Methods driven by scene being run
SceneManager.LoadScene(1); trolls me
Resetting the ball to the paddle
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Help me guys
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How to move and animate projectiles
Character will not stop moving
How does this code work. I don't get the foreach loop
Can not Take Parameters Error
Not able to make new line in Visual studio 2017 using Windows
States doesn't show in inspector
Issues with getting my code to refactor
State option not showing up
buttonArray is looking all the buttons
I need Help!
The programm runs fine in the Unity editor but doesnt work after build & run
Problem about scripting Diy_Follow_Camera in 2018.2.7f1 Version Unity
Changing the volume of an audio source
Projectile is not going to the player
Problem about scripting Diy_Follow_Camera in 2018.2.7f1 Version Unity
Understanding the SpawnUntilFull() function
I have a problem with the else command(SOLVED)
(solved) i coppied the code in this lecture exactly and have double checked. still reciving errors
How to this if else work
[SOLVED] AllMembersDead parsing errors?
Missing reference exception: the object of type 'transform' has been destroyed.. error in unity
Using variables- getting a compiler error
Character Generator / Virtual Tabletop Assistant
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
IndexOutOfRange- Script does not work
Number Wizard UI bug
Interesting situation (Solved)
[Solved] Enemy Formation Keeps moving Left
A couple of issues with pinsetter code
Explosio Partlcles play in beginning
Ball Launching continue when I click mouse
Ball/Brick Collisions Counts as Two Hits
I keep getting this error each time I try adding the LevelManager?
Sound Effects Either Don't Play or Are Muffled Extremely
Missing reference exception: the object of type 'transform' has been destroyed.. error in unity
Problem with showing unknown (?) Cursor
I stucked ForeGround invisible when i move on the ground
"string" does not contain definition for 'Anagram', how to fix?
Error CS8025: Parsing error
The Next Screen Text Won't Show Up!
Particle Effect
Loop back to start fail?
Object reference not set to an instance of the object
Code added to script is not executing at runtime
Code added to script is not executing at runtime
Added limited tries but how to prevent further input?
Am I doing something wrong?
Text101 - Simple Text Adventure
Finding Objects in Script
Error CS0201
Audio Clips don't play
My terminal hacker. 3 levels, login screen, and easter egg. Did I do this block quote right?
Getting a score the moment the game starts but not when bumping into obstacle
Problem with NullReferenceException in the course
Error in the scrip
Sound only playing sometimes
Time to Drop Dropper Not Following Variable Time
Error With scoreboard
Problem with multiple audio clips
Enemies stop appearing in world despite transform.position moving along path
I am having trouble with the grid
Null Refrence in quiz game at last
Rocket ship movement
Unity RPG 2D Course Sword Collision - Weapon Collider SetActive not working
Error CS 1002: ; expected
Working through the 2D Pixel Course...Canopy is inactive error?!
Help i am stuck!
SerializationException started popping up for me
How can I fixe thes problem?
Player drives through walls
How to Fix Problem in Unity
Audio not working in next level
Alternate cooldown solution and question
Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D - Argon Assault - Mathf.Clamp issue
My ship isnt working
Save system 'S' shortcut
Realm Rush coordinate system the lables are not going my one there gooing by 40
Weapon Switching: When I press '1' on keyboard, I can't move or shoot
TileVania 95: Move and flip enemy, not flipping
RPG course lecture 37 - Player Shaking when approaching the Enemy
My player is not moving with a or d key?
Error when using effect
Why the enemy is spamming the attack?
AddRelativeForce() does nothing
A Bug has fall
Camera.main error
Regarding the code in the header file
Lasers stay on when I collide with something
Lasers stay on when I collide with something
Launch The Ball (Complete Unity Game Developer 2D)
Bounce Audio Problem
Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Working on a reload system
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Enemy Health is not decreasing in lesson 103, DamageDealer assigned to Laser
Script Compile Error - Magic Numbers UI
Complie Error - Magic Numbers 2D
Invoke method does not work
WaveConfig ScriptableObject referancing
Doubt regarding Unity3D old course
Enemy Spawning
Literally no movement With Enemy - Laser Defenders
Question about foreach
Pitch direction
Cant disable MeshRenderer
Question about the singleton
Reset Level - calling a public method & using FindObjectOfType
Doubts about foreach Logic in the EnemyMover script in the 3D course Lesson 129
Cant understand why is my logic not working?
Var newEnemy = Instantiation creates new enemies
Please help
Object Reference Error only occurring on one scene
[Trouble with playerprefs] want to update highscore from scene to scene
Obstacle Game problem movement
Bug on the position of Score Text
A little issue tryin' to personalize obstacle course -need help Y__Y
If your object start state is not in the correct angle
Switch sound effects on one object depending of state (Idling, Thrusting)
I still don't know how to save progress with PlayerPrefs
I still don't know how to save progress with PlayerPrefs
[Solved] No overload for method Quit' takes 1 argument
Help please
Laser Defender - Number of Enemies appears to be tied to Number of Waypoints
[Solved] Five Different Compiler errors
Start method dont call
Sound is played before the ball launched
[Solved] Simulate Destroy brick doesn't work
Alternative to one Defender per Square
MonoDevelop changes text into Text [SOLVED]
Keyword 'void' cannot be used in this context
If you can not extract method - here is a solution!
Where is OnUserInput() Defined
No audio on Ball using Array
Block Breaker errors within web browser
Creating New Method @ 1:14
Bullet is not moving forward
Showing off a scrolling background I created :)
Getting continual errors - any help would be great
Zombie Animation Bug
About 'Colliders, Collision & Triggers'!
Raycast not working for overlaying objects?
Is either of these two ways of handling audio better?
Says .Length doesn't exist
Climb Ladder - 'myCollider2D' does not exist
NullReferenceException:Object reference not set to an instance
(Solved) What is this and how can i solve it? Assets\AdventureGame.cs(9,28):
State and linking issue
I can't run my WebGL build
Delay time of death
Protecting against NaN - is this wrong?
What do you think?
About 'Public Methods & Return Types'!
I got a question on the way you could write your program with your own functions
Script not working
Trouble getting TextArea attributes working
Defender Prefab is not instantiate at clicked position in CoreGameArea
Serialized field "Score" not updating in the inspector
CoRoutine type
Null Reference Exception
InvokeRepeating for enemy ships
Null Refrence exception in Text 101
My first Lines of code Ever! + My Easter egg!
Why my enemy inflicts his own health even when it is not attacked by player
How to Salve INPUT so i can use it on other Function?
Back button is not working
About 'Manage Next States'!
Won't show Terminal.WriteLine on 2nd Win Screen
Getting an error
Why guess=min; and min=guess; arent same?
Would still like other peoples ideas to enhance my game
Scene Loader problem
My code did not work during the challenge and I am looking for an explanation why
Good stuff, done in about 5 mins
layerHit always returns as enemy
Implementing "DontDestroyObjectOnLoad" preventing blocks from being destroyed?
How do I display maxGuessesAllowed on the Canvas?
I want to pass desired position of the rock but it is not working?
Another little problem with my railshooter script
Cant assign clip to break object like what you did in the lecture 63
Question about code functions
Null Reference
OnTriggerEnter / OnColliderEnter is not working
Project Rocket Boost problem
OPERATION: Find The Error
Switch statements
I'm getting these 2 errors
Problems with Rotate and Thrust in code
Problem with GetStartingState();
[HELP]Please resolve this error
Unity2D Player movement
How would you write a forloop for letters rather than numbers?
Laser Defender need help with building resolution
Odd behaviour in playing death & success sounds
Anagram problem
Waypoint waypoint in waypoints
Issues with getting my code to refactor
"Game Over" scene not loading
`Terminal' does not contain a definition for `ClearScreen'?
No MusicPlayer Found while Saving Volume
Terminal Hacker Error -- Resolved
Using data from other scripts
Question about SetWaveConfig
Neat WinScreen
Really frustrating problem where Inspector doesn't seem to lock properly
Load next scene Problem
Array error
Struggling over here
The block collapses a second or two after hitting the ball with it
Problem in enemySpawner.cs
A Few Questions
Need a little help
Error nextStates
Particle Problems
Help with implementing distance-based damage
Lose Collider triggering for no reason
Why do we put something into the parenthesesof the ShowMainMenu method?
Question about C#
Particle systems are still not working
Bricks not updating sprites, but they do break after 1/2/3 hits
Getting null reference exception tried many things but nothing worked :(
I got a big error!
Don't know what I am doing wrong
Therminal Hacker Error
Spawning Meteors at random locations and setting appropriate velocity
Need help with the music manager
Nothing Shows Up In Console When I Run The Game
Unity gives me NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object... why?
Different approach for player movement. Which one is better?
Once the ball hits the paddle the game ends?
About 'Unity Scriptable Objects'!
First Solo Challenge
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object PlayerController.Die ()
Error: The variable deathFX of Enemy has not been assigned
1st curly brackets "{" jumping one line when i copy-paste code
Local Greeting Challenge
Levels not loading
Enemies and Friendlies shooting at each other but nobody disappears
Audio somehow seems to be messing with my thrust or performance
Parameter 'jumpTrigger' does not exist
Having Trouble with greeting
Only the start button loads the success scene but the core game scene and the win scene buttons do not work
My last state wont display the text in the UI!
CS1519: unexpected symbol
It isn't hitting?
Can't find unexpected symbol in music player script
waveConfigs[startingWave] problem
Trying to create Health Counter with Images instead of Text
Observer Pattern
Alpha1 Input Issue
Problem with the nullreferenceEception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
The name does not exist in the current context
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Time Between Waves
Load Next Scene Problem
About 'Loop All Enemy Waves'!
[SOLVED] - The Mathf.Clamp function doesn't set my boundaries correctly
I edited the Hierarchy just as shown on the video, errors are still there, why?
Unity errors
I am almost there!
audio.Source.Stop(); giving me errors
Definition missing
Tons of errors
New type of enemy bug
About 'Add & Display Score'!
I have a error and the loop is not working
Getting a weird error
'State' does not contain a definition for 'GetStateStory'
Why parentheses?
Getting a Null Reference Exception Error - nothing works!
"GAME OVER" scene not loading
Type `State` is not recognised?
Terminal Hacker: if statement
Sharing my text as per instruction
Must Fix all compiler errors
Touch Input not working correctly
About Ball Following The Paddle
The collided settings in lecture 100 do not work on my emeny ships how to fix?
"GameOver" scene refuses to load after player dies
About 'Manage Next States'!
Ball don't stick to paddle but keeps bouncing
This is Hard. Someone please help!
My "if else" condition doesn't works, I can still press all of them same time and the message's showing up too
Expected a ')' in Atomic.h?
Please Help.. Error CS0246
Quick Fix using Range
Stuck with an error
Change scene not working
Problem with getting the code to run: " An object reference is required for the non-static field, method or property 'State.GetStateStory()' "
Can you give provide feedback/insight on the gameplay of my game Portal Reign?
Number Wizard - Greetings in Dominican Style
I can't go to Next Level
Access different rigidbody2D
First For Loop
Bool not changing
Run into an Error
Enemies not moving
Clamping the player with different code than you used in your example
Keep getting walkable although I am pointing on enemies
Playing and stopping rocket audio
What does "[SerializeField]" do and why is it in those square brackets?
What does "Vector2" do and why is it in not called Vector1 e.g.?
What is wrong here?why isn't it working?
Unity Hangs when I enter the password
Inconsistent line endings
About Terminal Hacker problem
Minor re-fueling visual problem (Bens rocket game on the 3d course)
I Cannot get What is the Problem here. My particle System is not Working
Moved my game reset; now trying to further my understanding on nullerror
Question about States
Can't come back to menu screen
Error on my enemy destroyed
Pls help there is error in my password section
How to give player an option to start the game on their own?
Unity 2017.4.1f1 - Making a button that loads the next scene
Velocity Tweak question
Don't Destroy on Load not Working
Higher and lower buttons not showing updated guessText value
Help with Attacker newAttacker
Please correct me
Unity Tower Defence: isPlacable bug
Paddle going to minX position of paddle
Waves not able to load WaveConfig
Please help, I don't know what to do
NumberWizard script issue?
How do I offset the Particle System relative to Ship
Mine doesn't display either Level or Current Screen
Glitch Garden "level win" sound repeats
Laser Defender! problems with WaveSpawner
In visual studio..a red line appears under the code even if it is true code
Particle Effect sometimes not working or is weak
Laser Defender! problems with WaveSpawner
Not destroying music player
Can't acces my public method from other class
Unable to get particles to trigger
Foreach statement won't work on lecture 132
Question in the Spit & Polish lecture of Section 3: Project Boost
Particle (Lighting) Bug when using "Maximize On Play"
Help with coroutine
Problems with the jet particles
Void CheckPassword issue
Waypoint Progress Tracker.cs / Error
I don't understand functions and start game
NullReferenceException EnemyPathing.Move()
Score not adding up, enemy not dying and giving null reference error
Weird problem with sprite character
Shield status issue
Failed attempt at implementing "range" in this shooter script
Projectiles dont give damage
Solve this Error
[Tilevania] Question on tutorial 145
It wont print
Lesson 140: How to keep cubes snapping with Cube Editor, but remove waypoint?
Problem in Grid movement
Failed attempt at implementing "range" in this shooter script

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