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Original Post by Scott

Someone asked about where I was getting my assets from for a game I posted from the Unity courses. In case it’s helpful I am Markdown-ifying my bookmarks list and putting it here. If this is useful enough to make it a sticky topic I’ll try to keep it update as long as it’s a resource for free or very cheap assets and tools for game development. Sorry I am only doing the Unity course now so that’s the main framework I’m linking.

Note on License
These sites have a very wide variety of license types for the content. Always check the terms of use on an item before using and make sure you understand the terms. Many “free” licenses carry requirements like attribution, only personal use, only usable in free products and more. I recommend keeping in your source and think about including a Credits scene in your project. At best it’s an attempt to credit content creators, at worse you have something you can reference if someone challenges your use of an asset.

See also; Creative Commons and Public Domain

Textures & Backgrounds

Art Assets


Graphics Editing

Unity Tutorials

Diagram & Story Design Development


2D Animation

3D Assets

3D Editing

3D Animation

3D Terrain




Sound Editing

Game Programming Resources

Game Design Discussions

Game Design Document Templates

Packages & Misc

Project Management / Planning

Game Hosting & Distribution

Source Control

C# Language Resources

Third Party Lists

Other Educational Resources

Game Dev Mentoring

All links last checked 23 May 2018


Cool website
Royalty-free assets (20GB+ of free HQ sounds)
Sonniss / Game Developer Conference 2017 - Audio Bundle
[Resource] Make you own sound effects!
FYI - a good Open Source (free) audio editor
About 'Set Up Project'!
Online pixel art app
Game design patterns and game programming design patterns
OverPowered Acrobatic Rockets : First Scene
Free Handy Tool.. Normal Maps from Texture & Texture Generator
3D Magic Road Painter - Zombie Runner - Feedback please
(Resolved) Programs suggestions to use
RPG Game Assets Collection
Terrain details
30GB+ of High Quality Royalty-free Sound Effects - The Sonniss GameAudioGDC Bundle 2018
FreeMusicArchive.Org is another good source for Creative Commons tunes
My Block Breaker Game
Tip for .gitignore files
My Number Wizard makes educated guesses. ft. clipart & options page
Game dev documents and software to help us all get further in dev
Text101 - How to create your own titles THE EASY WAY (Simple Guide)
Unread notifications not clearing / logo behaviour
A link to be added to the list of useful resources under sounds
Gamemaster Audio - Christmas Sale!
RPG Game Assets Collection
General discussion here
Cool way to get new and original sounds!

I strongly recommend Krita for Graphics as it is very powerful and free to use. Also, for editing sound effects and/or making and editing music, Reaper is practically a free DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) - it has an unlimited - both in time and functionality - demo version. It prompts you with a “This is a Demo” but other than that, it’s free. And once you make it, you can donate :wink: Also, Affinity Designer for vector graphics. It’s not free, but it’s much cheaper than Illustrator and almost as poweful (lacking proprtional tools, warping and power duplication, but other than that, it’s golden.



Done on Krita

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Maybe a usefull link too.
Over 15.000 free sound effects under remarque license on bbc.

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Thanks for sharing, the link has been added to the wiki :slight_smile:

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These are being released under the RemArc licence, which means that they can be used for “personal, educational or research purposes”.

Using them in personal projects or in the courses is fine, but other than that you cannot use them.

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That’s correct, with any of the items listed on this wiki, it is advisable to check the licence for each before use.