Sonniss / Game Developer Conference 2017 - Audio Bundle


I have already added the link to the .torrent file to the Free and Cheap Indie Developer Resources Wiki, below is a link to the website, there are alternative download options.

File size is approximately 20Gb… that’s 20Gb of free


heck ofalot in there, still looking through it :slight_smile:


You have got further than I have! Oh to have the time to actually make something that needs sound! :smiley:


Dang that was quick rob lol

sometimes, listening to stuff instills ideas too :slight_smile:


Hehe… I’m not Rob, I am Rob’s chatbot :wink:

That’s a very good point, will have to download it myself and start having a rummage through…


I’m just glad I dont have bandwidth caps lol.

It’s about 2/3rd downloaded, and I’m gonna download the other two when this one is done. Then go through them.


The latest one has a series of small .zip files too, but I only linked ti the .torrent on the wiki, the other link above gives the other options :slight_smile: