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The issue was that the #rpg:early-access sub-forum had the wrong permissions. I’ve just changed that, which will help a lot :slight_smile:


Thank you.


Thank you!


I just changed my email here to my kickstarter email, hope i will get access to the early access forum soon.


Ben or Rick recommended a book on game design on the stream yesterday. What was the name of it?


@Rick_Davidson mentioned The Art of Game Design

@Ben mentioned Game Design Patterns

The author provides his book for free online through his own website but its highly recommended to supoort him through purchasing it.

Its also worth checking the Free and Cheap Indie Dev Resources wiki on the forum for other valuable resources.

Hope this is of use.


Hi, was not able to watch live session.
When it will be available to watch again?


Thanks @Rob!

The Art of Game Design was the book I was asking about. I did catch the link to Game Design Patterns. I might buy both of them for my Kindle. It’s easier to read on it than a web page.

Also thanks for the link to the dev resources :slight_smile:


You’re more than welcome. :slight_smile:


@Lucy_Becker Please add me to the early access section. :passport_control: :smile_cat:


The link in the live session invitation email should lead you to the video.


@Lucy_Becker Please add me to the early access section. :slight_smile:


When I click this link, I am getting message: "The scheduled live stream hasn’t started yet. 14 January 2017 at 8:00"
Tried different browsers, the same result.


Hello @softak,
This link had been a (past) yt-live-link.
Think you missed the livestream, but @ben told, he would upload a recording and post a link.
Waiting for it too.



Hi all, recording is here:

Will also paste in main post above.


@Lucy_Becker Please add me to the early access section.


@Lucy_Becker please add me to the early access section when you have a sec. Thank you!


You’re in Carl, enjoy :slight_smile:


Added Ken, have fun :slight_smile:


We’ll be making it available to watch in the next few days - will update on the forum when it’s up :slight_smile: