Gamemaster Audio Library


Peter of Gamemaster Audio kindly allowed me to use a few sound effects in our courses for free. In return I’d like to spread the word about his excellent and reasonably priced library here. I’ve added the link and coupon code gamedevtv to our resources post.

This post is dedicated to that library so Peter can dive in if he wishes and answer questions.

Thanks Peter.

PS No I don’t get a cut of the sales!

Gamemaster Audio - Christmas Sale!
Wiki : Free & Cheap Indie GameDev Resources
Wiki : Free & Cheap Indie GameDev Resources

Thanks for the post Ben. As Ben mentioned everyone on GameDevTV gets 20% OFF all our sound libraries with the promo code: gamedevtv

I think this is a great community and I love how there are so many high quality resources available. Ben really does a great job putting together his tutorials.

If anyone has any questions about our sound libraries or anything in general please feel feel to ask. You can post in this thread or email me directly. Thanks.


Just used this service, very efficient. Ability to listen to the audio prior to purchase, full listing of contents - payment via Paypal - nice and easy.

Thanks @Ben for posting and @Gamemaster_Audio (Peter) for the service. :slight_smile:


Thanks Rob! Hope you enjoy using the sounds and best luck with your projects!


Thanks Peter :slight_smile:


Thanks Peter.
Just ordered it.


Hello @Gamemaster_Audio.
Really <3 your Audio-lib.
Just a few things to advance (I will pay for it!)

  • desert-sounds (in ambient-nature)
  • animal-sounds (wolves&vulture)
  • Sand (in footsteps)

Just a proposal. Your Soundlib is worth every cent!

Thx, Chris.


Thank you for your comments! Great suggestions! I’ve made a note of those for future updates.


Thanks for the update (1.3).
I can see vultures, wolves & dirt+sand-footsteps in the list.
[Edit] …and a lot of more…


Yes version 1.3 is now live on our website! Pro Sound Collection now contains a MASSIVE 8076 sound effects!!! Enjoy the new sounds it was a lot of work :smile:!


Thanks Peter, appreciated. Will stop by and kick off the download shortly :slight_smile:


Just purchased eventually and really happy I did, looking forward to having a dig around. will definitely make my life alot easier for putting audio/SFX in my projects.

just need to try and find the time to go through it all heh

and cheers Peter for the updates as well :slight_smile: