[Castle Clash]
i ll be blessed if i got Feedback… :slight_smile:


I like how you have expanded on the game from the course @Amandeep_Saini.

You have added some nice additional features.

It crashed on me during the second level though, nothing really to report error wise, here’s a screenshot but I’m not sure that it really offers many clues…

oooooh!!! I am very sorry, I take that back!

It would seem that I had inadvently hit the pause button… lol…

Ok, so first piece of feedback, maybe reduce the size of the pause button or have a separate menu to prevent accidental clicks by silly people like me! hehe… back to the game! :slight_smile:

Ok, completed the game, so some proper feedback now.

  • The wave indication moving down the screen in between ways is good
  • The clock moving “up” (to the right) feels like it should be around the other way, “time left” as opposed to “survive until”
  • The semi-transparent box in the middle was initially supposed to be for guidance (although it ends up featuring in many students games)
  • Castle icon has disappeared in my screenshot of level 2 (cant remember if it was there on level 3)
  • The introduction of the stone was nice, something new, but then it wasn’t available on subsequent levels - might be nice to consider building up the players toolbox as it were
  • I played level 3 without placing a single sun, I still managed to win with 5 cactuc and 5 knights - probably needs a little bit of balancing to make it completable, but not too easily.
  • Enemies still spawn at the end of each level and run across the screen - none got to the far side but it might be worth testing this condition to see what would happen if they did - e.g. if the time to load the next scene was long enough, could I lose whilst I was waiting?
  • Pause feature is useful, but a bit easy to click on accidentally - would suggest perhaps a separate menu or small icons, or just let them press “P” for example
  • I liked your animation for the stars flying out and across the screen - really good
  • I really like how the enemies stop momentarily when they are hit :slight_smile:
  • vertical wave announcement text says “Level_01” on level 2, could do with losing the underscore too
  • I noticed that you can pause the game and still choose and position your defenses, is that intentional?
  • found the issue with the pause button - the collider for it is much bigger than the button, so I can click above it (in a square) or to the left or right of it which triggers it and pauses the game

Some thoughts for expansion…

  • more levels to play
  • build up the available tools the player can use gradually
  • increase the speed of the enemy movement over time to make the game more challenging
  • consider a “special” wave where perhaps the player cannot place star generators at all, the level could be darker, as if it was at night… give them some extra starting stars so they can only just win if they use the right tools
  • you could consider doing similar things later on by then not making specific tools available to them, e.g. introduce the stone, but then a few levels later there might be an insane croc level and you dont get to use the stone to block them!
  • add some standardisation in the “feel” of the game, e.g. the vertical level announcement is a good idea, but I dont think the font/colour really fit with the game. The pause and home buttons are a good idea but they look vastly different. Working towards a common theme across the game would enhance it significantly I think.
  • think of ways to make your Glitch Garden clone stand out even more, perhaps you have a level which is reversed, the enemies come from the other side and are trying to escape from the castle, this time you have to stop them getting to the woods or something on the right hand side… the player wouldn’t be expecting that after a few levels playing it normally.
  • sound effects are nice but there is no music, you could add an options screen and provide both music and sfx volume options

Suggestions only, enjoyed playing your game and well done on making it yours :slight_smile:


ooops the level2 shows level 1 i didnt notice that and you are ri8 i have to reduce the size of the pause button and ty for your new ideas i ll pick up from it…The music was there in the game but the volume was set to 0 in options so you have to raise it to hear…and Ty for ur time :slight_smile: can u suggest me some sites where i can get free animations like characters and all background stuff…!


You are more than welcome - as I said, I enjoyed playing your game and would look forward to seeing another update to it in due course :slight_smile:

Regarding animations, characters and background, there is a curated list of resources for indie game development on this very forum, so I would highly recommend starting there and see what you can see, here’s the link;

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Ty so much :slight_smile:


You are very welcome :slight_smile: