(Resolved) Programs suggestions to use


Hello guys, I just wanted you guys suggestions in regards to what program would you guys use in creating your brick. This is for PC btw. I saw Ben using a program called preview for the mac, but I want to know an alternative for pc users.


If you just want to create something fairly basic to get you through the course you could use Paint which you’ll have with Windows anyway.

Additionally, Gimp is very good, and free.

See also;


Thanks for the advice will do


You’re very welcome :slight_smile:


Would I save the images as a jpeg on paint?


I’d go .png :slight_smile:


kl thanks man :grinning:


Hi Rob do u mind helping me out again? Completely off topic from this question


Sure, no problem, star a new thread and tag me with @Rob :slight_smile:


koolio will do :relaxed:


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