Text101 - How to create your own titles THE EASY WAY (Simple Guide)



If you’re like me, and you’re following along with Ben’s tutorial on the Text101 game, chances are you followed his advice, and decided to create your own path and story for your game. Only problem with this, is that the title of the game stays as “Prison”. It’s a great looking title, but some of our games are’t about prison.

I’ve found a website that’s easy to make cool looking Titles for your game. It’s called www.textcraft.net .

All you have to do is simply type your own Title into the first Textbox on the right. Then you have two options: make your own font, or choose one of the fonts made by the community. (To see the fonts made by the community, just scroll down.) After all that is done, just click download and boom, there you go! :slight_smile:

I made a text adventure about getting to mars by a starship, here’s what my title looks like from using the website.


I have added this to the GameDev Resources Wiki - thank you @Nolan.


Great resource! I used this site to create the title art for my game.

Design doc I created for my text game with the title art: ESCAPE FROM EGYPT


Thanks for the link.


Thanks for this. I was gonna design something myself, but decided I wanted to make it quick and easy so I can get started right away :smiley:


Good to see the ghosts of http://www.flamingtext.com/ still floating around. Which some other people might like, if they prefer gaudy loud titles that look like they came from 15 years ago (because they did)


Thanks a million!