S03 Building Escape This the place to share your BuildingEscape game code, level design, tips and part complete games. S04 Battle Tank Let's see your landscapes (high and low poly), tanks, code, blueprint, tips tricks and anything else fun. S06 Next Steps Have you used Unity? If not give the Complete Unity Developer or the Unity VR Course a look. S01 Intro This is the place to introduce yourself to other students, and to share general setup tips and tricks. S05 Testing Grounds Welcome to this exciting new section, we'll be building a FPS Showcase This is the place to show off your complete game creations, especially those you have published. S02 Bull & Cows This sub-forum is specifically for discussing Section 2 of the Unreal course. The best way to create a topic is from the Udemy Resources link as it also tags the post with the lecture name.
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