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pls help me, why it dosn’t work?

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Hello - I am having issues when I run my debug, I get no errors. It tries to open up the CMD Window, but then it quickly closes. Can I get some assistance on this. I’m kind of stuck till I can see the results.


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#unreal:ask I also having an issue when it does come up, I see this:

Welcome to Bulls and Cows Game, a fun word game.
Can you guess the 5 letter isogram I’m thinking of?

C:\Users\dmullen\source\repos\main\Debug\main.exe (process 2560) exited with code 0. (How do i get rid of this)
Press any key to close this window . . .

Could you show a screen shot? Set a break point and step through the code line by line to see whats actually happening.

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Hey I am on version 19.20.27508.1 I am facing an compiler error in executing cl command in Visual Studio Code
Error is
cl is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.



Challenged accept, AFTER I finish your Unity C# courses.

Hey! I am kinda stuck at section 3!

After section 3 you guys are using visual studio 2017 but till we had set up Visual studio code!

And I Have already downloaded Unreal Engine 4.22.1, and In an Article u are telling me to not downloaded it!

I am stuck Please guide me through!

From where I should continue?

Thank you so much Ben. I went through a fair amount of lessons in this course and it was absolutely brilliant. I would rate this 5 out of five but the question which was in my head before i bought the course was that,’ Will we be able to make our own games and code it without any help of people after this course was over?’ I am a very young programmer and will really hope i could make the best game out there(Btw i am 14 years old). That’s all for now and I am looking forward to making my own games(And the reply to my message :wink:

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I’m haviong a error using different versions including both VS 19 and 17 community. I have the same error code = 0x80070002 when debugging.
Any suggestions??

Looks like it compiled. What is the issue? Did you try running the ‘Hello.exe’ that was created?

Sounds like an ‘environment’ variable path issue, Windows is complaining that it can’t find ‘cl’ from the directory your code is in.

Can you make new course for Battle royale online game like Pubg clone

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Just a little feedback/observations on the Build Unreal Engine From Source (Linux)’ video (feedback/observations do not preclude the announcement that there is going to be a few weeks off to reorganize, etc, duly noted). The video mentions ‘gcc/g++’ as the compiler that UE4 would use later on if ‘clang’ is not installed, no big deal but, you may want to mention that the ‘github’ cloning and compilation process downloads/installs ‘clang’. You don’t have an option… at least from my experience on CentOS 7.x, it is truly a pain to complete. 3 steps and take a short weekend off should do it. The ‘github’ zip file must be corrupt, it stops at 331Mb in size and I’ve tested this on 3 different browsers on 3 different machines. You can’t open the zip file once it is downloaded, utilities indicate that it is either corrupt or permissions are whacked on the file (github doesn’t have a means to relay this information on or I’ve not found a means). Just my two cents in observations, hoping to see the new content soon. Regards!

should i stick to the course on Unreal C++ only or should i practice some from other sources like youtube videos to become fluent in coding C++

There is one on udemy but wasnt made by gamedev and it uses blueprints.

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Try Void Main instead of int main Function

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