S06 Laser Defender (2018) Welcome to the Laser Defender section of the course. In this section we’ll be creating a top-down space shooter with heavily customisable enemy waves. We’ll be using scriptable objects again, introducing coroutines for delayed events, scrolling the space field background, building particle effects and plenty more. Glitch Garden (Original) I'd love to see your levels, GameBucket links, videos, screenshots and more. S07 Glitch Garden (2018) Welcome to the Glitch Garden section of the course. Feel free to post updates on your work and have indepth conversations with our wonderful community members about what you’re up to. S04 Number Wizard UI (2018) Welcome to the discussion for Number Wizard UI. In this section we are creating multiple Unity scenes that we can load such that we have game flow. We will be implementing User Interface with buttons on top of the exact game that we created in the Number Wizard Console section. Laser Defender (Original) Let's see your ships, formations, code, videos and more. Showcase Share your games here, some suggestions… S03 Text101 (2018) Welcome to the remaster of Text101. We change from adding all of our text in the script itself, to using Unity’s Scriptable Objects to keep our story more organised. S01 Intro (2018) S02 Number Wizard (2018) Welcome to Number Wizard Console. Number Wizard (Original) Share your screenshots, tips, tricks and anything else. Number Wizard UI (Original) Show off your screenshots, code, tips tricks and more. Twin Sticks (Original) This is the place to share tips, code and videos of your twin stick game prototypes. Bowl Master (Original) Share your code, animation state machines, screenshots, videos tips, tricks and more. Intro & Setup (Original) Please share your setup tips, tricks and experiences here. Block Breaker (Original) Let's see your code, level designs, tips, tricks and more. SXX Next Steps Want to carry on with Unity? Give our Unity VR or Certification Course a look. Ahoy Matey (Original) How are you getting-on with multiplayer? S12 TileVania (2017) Please share your experiences of working through this section of the course and creating TileVania, you might consider; S05 Block Breaker (2018) Zombie Runner (Original) Let's see your zombies! Text 101 (Original) Share your story text, code (use the code format), ideas, sketches, videos, etc.
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