What are you delivering in your game?

Here is mine:

You’re delivering tasty donuts to game development instructors whose wives are currently out of the house and won’t know that the game development instructor is eating junk food when he should be eating roasted kale or some other sort of “appropriate for someone your age” snack.


You’ll be delivering Fast Food Fast!

My game will be Delivering brand new lemon trees to families that don’t eat enough lemons.

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The one the only PIZZA!!

I’ll be delivering healthy foods sent by the wives of game developers with a note to put down the donuts and eat healthy food. :grin:

I will deliver smelly cheeses. The more they smell the more they are in demand.

Here’s mine:
You’re the only soul cab driver left, and it’s your job to pick up all souls and deliver them to portals while avoiding holes and demons.


So here´s mine:
I’ll be delivering primogems to all genshin impact players in the world :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

For my game, you are the last delivery driver still working for the mega online store “AMOSON” frantically delivering packages, with new packages spawning throughout and a countdown timer that you get time added for successful deliveries and the game ends when the timer hits 0.

You are delivering empty cardboard boxes to delivery companies that need boxes to deliver items to people.

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I am delivering Ice Cream!!

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I am going to be delivering Uber Eats to all of the shut ins

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I’ll deliver some mystery-colored light bulbs with a few mystery-flavored sweets. You can find the color only when you switch the bulb on and the sweets when u taste it. NO RETURNS!!

You don’t know what is in the package but it must be delivered on time.

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in my game, I will be delivering plants and gardening equipment to people who have ordered them.

Clocks. I don’t know why, but clocks just seems like a ridiculous, time-sensitive item to deliver. XD

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my game, we will be delivering pet monsters to people. Maybe they are friendly, maybe they arent. Guess the “customers” will find out

I’ll be having my delivery driver be dropping off video game preorders. Nice and meta :slight_smile:

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I’ll be having my delivery driver dropping off hot coffee and fresh baked bagels.