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Where is the list of showcased projects ?

In #unity:showcase :slight_smile:

The links for 2d and 3d courses are the same

Thanks, fixed.

We’ll pretty this up with images sometime too

Hi @ben, I already bought your 2D and 3D courses.
What’s the latest Unity version that is compatible with 2D course? And which one for 3D?

Can I use 2018.2?

Because it seems that 2018.3 have too many changes in UI and features (nested prefabs, etc)

Thank you.

Hi there, thanks for asking. @Rick_Davidson can confirm the exact versions used in those two courses, as it differs even by section.

I can confirm, however, that for nested prefabs you’ll need our RPG Course which is being remastered now.

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When is the 2nd part of the rpg course coming? and the math course ive been waiting for years now will they ever be there?

Hi @Frank_Underwood ABSOLUTELY it will and thank you for your extreme patience. @sampattuzzi has completely prototyped the whole RPG. The existing course is being remastered by Sam and @Rick_Davidson as we speak.

The “2nd part” is partially incorporated in the remaster, and will partly be a separate course, free to Kickstarter backers.

Both Sam and Rick are on this full-time, so we’re now going as fast as possible to deliver this promise. With new Unity features like nested prefabs, and Pro Builder, the course will be much better for the wait in the long-run.

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Hey @ben thanks cant wait for it but what about the maths course?The book Sam linked to assumes you have some basic understanding of some maths concepts.I stopped maths at o’level like ten years ago so the one in that book is a little too heavy for me.

Don’t worry Frank, it’s very much in the pipeline, keep an eye out for our next Kickstarter coming soon… which may have Maths as an element.

please renew rpg course with new unity component system (ECS)

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Here is the picture of my car


Nice! I’m just digging into sprites myself.

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to post in here? This is from Udemy Unity Course 3D, Lecture 28 (Creating A Win Screen). So far everything working.

Screenshots for Win Screen Level 1 and Level 2.




Hello everyone I have Just started in the Unity Learn to Code by Making Games. and here is my car.


Cant wait for pt 2 of RPG! :grin:

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Here is a pic of my ‘car’ scene. It’s more like a convoy of Volvos…

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Hey guys when i type in my visual studio i do not get a dropdown of the word like Ben does.Ben usually gets a drop down of a word say for example, “KeyCode” before he even finishes typing it but i dont why is that please help