Brief bio:

January 2017: finally have my previous home in Bowie, MD under contract after being on market for several months in a cold market (owning two houses is too expensive...).

June 2016: Retired as mathematician, programmer, and data scientist after 20 years of big money and big stress. Now much happier and poorer as Hobbyist programmer, mathematician, data scientist, and musician having returned to Moorefield, WV, living in a newly-built house 150 feet from the house where I grew up.

May1997: completed Ph. D. in Mathematics from University of Virginia.

September 1996: Began career as mathematician, branched into programming and data scientist, living variously in Laurel, MD, Columbia, MD, Pasadena, MD, and Bowie, MD.

September 1991: Graduated Shenandoah University with BS in Mathematics. Moved to Charlottesville, VA for graduate school.

September 1987: Left parent's house in Moorefield, WV to go to college at Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA.