The Player Experience - Discussion

What’s your understanding of what the Player Experience means? Is it clear to you?

To me the Player Experience is what the player will feel throughout the game. What are we aiming for the play to experience. Is it going to be attacking monsters or is it taking care of a farm. How can we make that happen? Does the art match what experience we are trying to portray? Does the sound feel clam or intense? Does the story bring you in or do you feel like the gaming has no heart?

So much goes into the player experience but if you don’t give the player an experience worth investing hours… well then you don’t have a game worth playing. The experience is what brings players back! It’s what they will remember years from.

My best gaming experience is getting my first win on fortnite. I was in complete awe. It was like I won a million bucks. Also the feeling of dropping into a large playground from the battlepass felt real. It felt like I was in a huge event. It was an amazing experience!

That is my understanding of Player Experience. I think you did a great job at explaining it. It was clear to me.


Awesome, thanks for your thoughts!


I agree very much with your thoughts here, Kevin. Some of my most intense gameplay moments were tied in with an amazing soundtrack paired with a story that made me feel like I was making a difference.

Another element of Player Experience for me is control scheme and camera/level layout. I’ve quit games I otherwise loved the story, music, and art for, because moving the character through the game was painfully frustrating. And some moving camera setups make me motion sick. I don’t think I’ve ever stopped playing a game just because it was ugly or I had to mute the sound.

That said: Frustration can be an important part of game design, but it needs to be a deliberate element. Challenging the player to learn a pattern or solve a puzzle, so they can feel the jubilation of Ï did it!" is classic. Like Rick said, sometimes a gamer wants to experience an unpleasant emotion in a controlled environment. I’ve never been one for horror games, but I still remember after 20 years what it felt like not to be able to save Aeris.


I agree with you. A player experience all comes down to how are we making the player feel.

For instance when I play a game like Detroit Become Human I feel immersed in the story. The control are so fluid and comfortable that I feel like I am in the game.

I believe when you make a player completely immersed and you keep the player there is the true art of the player experience. The experience the player gets even after hours and hours of playing is a truly tough to maintain but if it provides a constant powerful experience then a player will always be drawn to the game.


The story most of all, but also the music, art, acting.

For me player experience is immersion, that feeling where when you finally look up from the screen its 3AM in the morning! I want to feel connected to the world that I am experiencing. So the story, the world, the music and audio all must play there part in sucking me in to this new world.

I think indeed Player Experience is about immersion into the game. If you can feel it, you want to play it. For my game, that will take forever if I can even finish it, I’ve created a title called “Dragon’s Spirit”, my player experience is:

As the player you have had some hard times behind you, you are going on adventures and gaining self-confidence as you go. You gain “spirit” for every quest you complete. There’s also a lot of humor in the game, think Magicka for example.

I bet I could find a way to write this shorter, but couldn’t come up with that yet.

Ah, I thought this discussion was to share what we wrote down for the player experience of our specific game. Maybe that’s a different thread.

What I understand from the Player Experience is the fundamental experience that the player should have by playing the game, whether that’s a specific emotion, or the experience of being a specific (type of) person or thing, or a combination of the two.

My Player Experience is how the Player is meant to feel like a traveler trying to find the legendary dragon blade and to piece together the story of Estonia(The name of the land).

This is a great lecture. I expect I’ll return to this many times as I develop my own products.

real talk: a big part of ‘fun’ or engaging the player is about addiction. Get that skinner-box going, baby.