Naming my snowboarder

Meet Chad Haze, an 80s snowboarding prodigy well past his prime but determined to show the new kids on the slope he ain’t no boomer, even if he uses words like “Radical” and “Gnarly”!


I’m just going to use my first name, Sam. Easy and simple. If he plays well, Sam (the game character) could go onto local tournaments, right now, it’s a daydream.

Beef. I named them Beef. Beef Chadington.


I’m gonna name my character Jim Stickman. He is very new to snow boarding but is going to keep practicing until he is a world champion.

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i named him “me”


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John5 is the name:)

my character’s name is BOB

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I will name my Stark… (“Winter is comming…”(Literally))

Bill Boarder

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My snowboarder is a gnome (I’m drawing a custom sprite for him), so I’m calling him “The Sgnowboarder”

Mine is Misha

“I travel the globe in search of adventure and put my neck on the line for people I don’t even know. Last week, I was Doug McDonald PhD, the NASA engineer who raced to the moon in order to fix the ocean’s tides. This week I’m Micha Farling, Canadian Olympic Champion from 1976-1980 for downhill snowboard. I hold 2 world records and I’m secretly an alien from another world, sent here to supervise and protect the Earthlings.”

Title Card
This is
Codename: Supervisor

*cue music, 1970’s guitar riff with heavy drums

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he shall be called Alfred Bominable.

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Johny Boy, the snowboarder

Jake Cool-Ice.

Mine is Lily’s snowboard.:snowboarder:
She wants to be the most beautiful girl in the snowy mountain, so she will sell any hot food to the snow on the finish line. Then she can buy new hot, cost and snowboard. :laughing:

I am recreating a scene from the movie Out Cold and my character is none other than Rick Rambus, King of the Mountain(mountain…mountain…mountain)!

Dale Haddington

I will call him Dustin, a snowboarder who is both talented and dumb.

Rex seems like a good name

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