Completing The RPG Course

We’ve finished re-creating the first part of the RPG series. Prototyping of second course is well underway and we are expecting to be shipping content at a fast and frenzied rate early in the new year.


Thanks for making this course, I really loved it. I have added a few things of my own, which I will continue to refine as I get into the next course.

The things I have added:

  • Enemy sight and hearing.
  • Player noise component so the enemy can hear the players actions.
  • An on injured behaviour.
  • A camera controller element, that allows me to set zones which trigger a state driven camera.

Check out my little progress video:

Still a lot I want to do and I am unsure if I will stick to the WW2 theme.

Thanks again, looking forward to getting into the next course.


Well done, Jimmy! I love the theme.

Thanks Rick and Sam for the course! I took the day to spruce up my environment also using the Synty knights pack (original I know). But more importantly I took the time to implement WASD movement with a right click drag and hold for freelook camera movement. Took awhile, but we got there! Controls nicely and everything is still working pretty much as intended. Here’s a short little vid of where I ended up!

I may take another day to fiddle with some things I want to review, but I anticipate picking up the RPG inventory section in another day or so.


Well done. WASD is not an easy thing to implement in our scheme. Lots of fun pitfalls to watch out for.

Hey Stephen. Would you care to share how you implemented the WASD movement into the rpg. I think there are plenty of folks out there who be interested to know, including me. :slight_smile:

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Sure! There isn’t really a short answer. But I essential combined these two brackey’s tutorials on WASD movement for 3rd person and 1st person movement.

It was a helpful exercise to help more fully understand everything as well. But it definitely wasn’t a super quick implementation for me. But after I got it working it actually controls very smoothly and felt really polished. At least the movement aspect.

I have the whole project you can view on github as well if that’s helpful ( Most of it can be found here in the mover.cs file, but I think I recall needing to make a couple small tweaks in some of the ‘cancelAction’ functions.

Hopefully that’s help for ya :smiley:

Thanks Stephen. I’m kinda of morphing my project toward WASD and this extremely helpful.

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