S01 Intro Please share your setup tips, tricks and experiences here.
S03 Bowling Trace reference images. Create and apply very basic materials. Work to a polygon count.
S07 Game Asset Pack Emphasising how naming is critical. Working with different level of detail. Learning how to make Bump Maps, Normal Maps. This will be focused mainly on modelling an interior environment.
Showcase Mainly for Blender students, but anyone's welcome to showcase their work here!
S08 Human Head Here we make a realist human Bust and use advanced materials to render the final model
S06 Fluffy Bunny By the end of this Section, you will have re-enforce knowledge about using reference material, Used your first particle systems. Created your own texture and then used that texture for much more...
S02 Block Model Construct simple models representing real-world objects.
S04 Chess Set Work with multiple models. Apply a lean production methodology. Apply lighting to your scene.
S05 Animated Lamp More advance mesh construction. Rigging a model. Basic Animation. Introduction to the cycles rendering Engine.
SXX Next Steps Have you used Unity? If not give the Complete Unity Developer or the Unity VR Course a look.
S10 VFX & CGI Video Effects (VFX) and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), Camera tracking and blurring the boundaries between reality and your 3D world.
S09 Destruction In this section we will take a closer look at how to destroy and break up our models in a convincing manner.

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