WIKI - Free Blender-related tools and addons

Work in Progress (WIP)

This is a place to share free tools related to working with Blender. It’s a ‘fork’ of a WIKI - Free Blender Resources wiki-thread, that focuses on tools only.

This is also a wiki-style post, so it can be edit by everyone!

Also, be sure to check the license of a given tool before using them in your projects.

Texturing painting and authoring

  • Materialize - free tool for creating materials (textures map) from pictures or photos (or other textures)
  • Quixel Mixer - free 3d texturing tool (texture painting + smart materials based on megascans). No baking support (yet)
  • ArmorPaint - open source texture painting tool. Binary version is paid, but if you compile it from sources it’s free (
  • Material maker - free and open source procedural materials authoring and 3D model painting tool. Have a website for sharing created materials
  • Agama materials - from the web page “Agama materials is software for creating PBR materials and painting 3d models. You can create materials and use them for painting models, or you can use pre-made textures.”
  • Selecting colors
  • Dream Textures - free addon that uses AI (Stable Diffusion) for generating textures (and other kind of images) in Blender.

UV Related


  • Instant Meshes - “interactive meshing software” (can be used for automatic retopology), stand alone application
  • Quadriflow remesh (automatic). Blender built-in. Object Data Properties > Mode:Quad > Quadriflow remesh
  • Poly Build (manual). Blender built-in, available in edit mode.
  • BSurfaces (manual). Add-on that comes with blender standard (disabled by default).

Import/Export Related


  • Blender addon: PowerSave free addon that has one cool feature I use: saves current blend file and adds a number to the name (myfile_1, myfile_2). This simplifies backups a lot without needing to resort to source control solutions like git.
  • Extra lights free version of the add-on at Adds light presets with realistic, physically based values.
  • BagaPie Modifier All in one add-on with tools to scatter objects, procedurally generate ivy, pipes and walls, do quick booleans, frustrum culling for cameras and some more.
  • Cascadeur AI and physics-powered animation tool. Free for personal or commercial use (for revenue <$100k/yr). Free version’s export is limited to 300 frames per file.
  • Poly Haven Asset Browser - addon for browsing Poly Heaven assets directly in Blender :slight_smile:

Free Reference viewers

Other WIKI's
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TODO: check and if it’s good -> add it to the wiki :slight_smile:


TODO: check and if it’s good -> add it to the wiki

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Just add.

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For the material/painting tool I think it’s ok as free ones are quite rare… But for the addon? I’m not sure about it -> there are 100s or 1000s of free addons… should we put all on the list that even are not useful. On the other hand, what is criteria to putting stuff on the list aside from being free and blender related? :thinking:

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Some sort of ‘recommendation’ would be useful. So free add ons that people here have used and found helpful. Possibly then there could be a link to a separate page saying what they liked, used, etc.


I’m also using free tool NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter ( mostly for generating normal maps.


That tool looks interesting! Feel free to add it to the first post (it’s a wiki style post - anybody can edit it :slight_smile: )

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Added UV Related section.

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There. I added the retopology tools and add-ons that Grant talks about in this video, but only the free ones as I see no paid tools in this wiki:

I didn’t know PolyQuilt, so I’ll take a look at that one.


Awesome! Thanks!

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Added some more goodies to the various section.


Oh, those look interesting :eyes:


The 2nd one is my attempt at learning how to do addons for Blender and making my life easier at the same time :slight_smile:


Added link to :slight_smile:


Added link to Dream Textures