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Talk For wider discussions about game development topics that don’t fit neatly under Unity, Blender or Unreal. Ask This is the place to ask about other courses, please tag with <a class="hashtag" href="https://community.gamedev.tv/tags/board-games">#<span>board-games</span></a>, <a class="hashtag" href="https://community.gamedev.tv/tags/creativity">#<span>creativity</span></a>, <a class="hashtag" href="https://community.gamedev.tv/tags/get-a-job">#<span>get-a-job</span></a>, <a class="hashtag" href="https://community.gamedev.tv/tags/gimp">#<span>gimp</span></a>, <a class="hashtag" href="https://community.gamedev.tv/tags/godot">#<span>godot</span></a> etc. Ideas Here you can quickly and easily form ideas as a community, and we can build you exactly what you want. The ideas that generate the most interest here and catch our eye will get actioned by us.
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You can reply to this topic to let us know about any mistakes you have spotted within a user guide, or if you feel a user guide could do with additional information. Also, if you have identified an area of functionalit…

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