What do you think of the new index posts?


Hey everyone

What do you think of the new index posts that relate Udemy lecture numbers to our lecture tags? Here’s an example for the 2D Unity course

Specifically we’re looking for feedback on…

  1. Do you like a long list, or a collapsable list like Unreal Multiplayer’s index?
  2. Would you like the lecture numbers to link back to Udemy?
  3. Any other suggestions?

You can find indexes for other courses via the top-level categories such as #unity, #blender and #unreal - as pinned-posts.

So, what do you think?


Complete Blender Creator Lecture List
C++ Unreal Developer Lecture List
Blender Character Creator Lecture List
Complete Unity Developer 3D Lecture List
Blueprint Unreal Developer Lecture List
Unreal VR Lecture List
Blender Environments Lecture List
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Hey Ben! Here’s my two cents: So it feels more open, the new layout, but it also has a higher noise to signal ratio if you know what I mean. You see a lot more of the activity but it is harder to go to discussions that are on a specific lesson. There is a big list of everything… not like the Q&A in Udemy that is focused per chapter.

The master list of the tags helps, especially to match your lecture numbers with the Udemy numbers, but unfortunately tags are not in order under the tags popup. That was a problem before too but the tags were more descriptive before the update once the popup expanded to show them. It seemed like it was easier to match the pace of the lessons when it came to “ask” and “show” topics before.

btw - I like the collapsible list. It is a lot of scrolling now to get to TestingGrounds chapters.

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Thanks for the feedback, firstly I’ve sorted the tags in alphabetical order, does that help?

We could have section tags (e.g. #testing-grounds) added automatically to topics tagged with lecture code from that section (e.g. #23_tg_urc or #27_tg_urc) would that help?

Thanks re collapsable, we’ll make that the default.



It does help. Strangely none of the Testing Grounds tags make it into the popup list but they do show up if the search field is used with “_tg_” (btw - The search results are not alphabetical.) Adding the section tag may help, but it is already in there with the _tg_ in the lesson tags.

Interestingly enough it is similar to the lesson on grouping in the TestingGrounds section: Tags are good for searching out the information but a hierarchy of Sections/Lessons would be useful, like Folders in the Outliner. If there could be one more selection between [talk, ask, show] and [all tags]… though maybe Discourse doesn’t lend itself to that structure.