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So I am using blender 4.0 and hitting Shift R in Sculpting mode makes it switch to object mode not changing the Ramesh size. The Ctrl R still seems to work but it doesn’t give you a clear indication that it worked if you don’t go into edit or wireframe and I thought at first it didnt work ether but I figured that one out at lest. Does any one know the new command for Shift R or am I just really doing something wrong?


Is this help full

look in this wiki too

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hmm I thought it was this from the first article but it doesn’t work ether


Consistent and easier to access shortcuts for remeshing and subdiv level .

  • Shift D = Subdivision level Down (Previously on Pg Down )
  • D = Subdivision level Up (Previously on Pg Up )
  • Shift Ctrl D = Voxel Size / Dyntopo Size
  • Ctrl D = Voxel Remesh / Dyntopo Flood Fill

The second one seems to just cover knowing how many faces there are witch he shows you how to do later in the video and its the same so that part I have down now just not a shortcut for changing the Remesh size. Thanks though they where good reads for other things I didn’t know.

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Does this help : Key changes in Blender 4.0

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I remember this was brought up in the Sculpting section of Grant’s beginner course, which I did just recently in Blender 4.0.2. Here’s what I have from my notes (haven’t sculpted since then - learning too much other stuff, haha!):

  • R will bring up a radial gizmo to select voxel size (this is what Shift + R used to do)
  • Ctrl + R will perform a remesh.

Confirming remeshes won’t always be glaringly obvious because it depends heavily on how drastically you changed/stretched the mesh beforehand, but you can tell it worked if you see nice, even topology around the area that prompted you to do a remesh in the first place. Also for exactly this reason (and to prevent you from suddenly having 10M faces), I personally found it very helpful to keep the Statistics Overlay turned on during sculpting. Have fun!


Yeah this worked thanks :grin:


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