2021 Collab: Week 10 “In the air” - CLOSED

This is the Blender collaboration 2021, week 10 challenge. Don’t be afraid to join, a lot of us are beginners. This is all to practice, to have fun, to learn, and get together.

This week’s subject is “In the air”.

  • In the air - anything airlifted or air-related from birds, planes, kites, and helicopters to Goku and tornados. I hope this will encourage people to try a force field in Blender to create dynamic particles.
  • Subject selected by the previous week 08 winner Marijus - “At the museum”

The rules are simple. 1 subject, 1 entry, 1 week.

You create whatever object or scene or whatever you can think of that has something to do with the subject. It can be as simple or complicated as you want, all entries are welcome!
Post your picture here in this thread. And at the end of the week, we start to vote. And if you are the winner, you may choose the next subject.

Deadline: 2021-03-13T22:59:00Z


Hi All,
This is my submission for In The Air: The Honey Heist.


I really like the idea, but I don’t know why, it seems a little off to me. First, I don’t know if the leaf is over water or falling from a tree. If the leaf it is over water (I am not sure), then the water would be a little deformed under the leaf. If it is a leaf falling from a tree (that is what I think it is), I think it would be in a position no so “water leaf”. Hope it helps! And the idea is spot on for the theme!


I love your submission, even tho it is rather hard to see green on green.
I will add to this my 2c (IMHO):

  • Leaves get blown off the trees, in my observation, usually, in autumn. Adding some yellow and brown musgrave will make it more correct season. Some errosion (musgrave mask affecting alpha mask) in green would also work.
  • Curve stem - too straigh and a bit small. Distortion would make it look more… organic.
  • Curl ends to show the air resistance and flexibility of the leaf. More curling depends on direction of falling/drifting, aka direction of movement.
    *disclaimer: yes I love musgrave. I use it in all my projects: from adding random shadows/spots/errosions on tilled image textured wall panels to break repetition to adding small bumps to plain gray to make procedural concrete.

No just need to get up earlier! :rofl:


Question - Is there a way to get an alert about the creation of certain threads?

Obviously this would be an uncommon request - but for example, can I get alerts about the creation new of Blender collaboration threads?

I haven’t partaken in any yet as I’m quite busy with several courses - but I do plan to get involved with Blender collaboration in the future and if any particularly suited before that, I’d like to not forget each weeks new colab.


No, I don’t think so.
But you can set the alarm bell if new items are added to a certain thread. Like the latest Blender collab.

For the collab, we try to have a weekly new challenge. Posted on Saturday in the latest collab. So monitor this No. 10 “In the Air”. And Saturday a new subject will be released.

You can bookmark an item.


Thanks, yeah I use the Tracking but probably not yet to its full potential… and soon the Colab events will take greater focus in my psyche - it’s (currently) usually 2 or 3 days in to a new week before I stumble across the newest Blender collaboration.


I strongly advise you to take part in current and future collabs, spare time permitted. Quite a few submissions are placed few hours before the end.
I think the goal of colab is get an idea related to the topic into your head and then making it real using your current skills. Some add extra, persoal challanges, like make the scene in under 30 minutes, or one day.
It makes you grow as an artist and to know better your own limits and capabilities.
If today you learned something new - it’s a day not wasted.


I’m in the same boat.
I’m learning unreal in two different courses while trying to do two personal works: VR arch-visualisation and a separate Arch-viz video sequence, all while doing the day job.
Managing the time allocation is the real challange.


Spring is in the air.

But I must admit, I prefer the next one. It was also my first test render. Because it is a simple construct.


Personally I prefer the first image.
Among all springs, you have a smile spring in the middle - that’s priceless. Two ballones as eyes, while spring as a smile. Great composition. absolutely love it!!
Whatever you learned from making the second shot, apply it the first one and bring back the spring smile. You are moving in the right direction.
It’s one of those I didn’t intent to take this shot type of scenarios: happy string smlie and baloons just happen to make a suitable shape at the specific time among other similar things.

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Thanks, I spent a reasonable time om bending the spring using Blender physics. But without any success. But I’ve no clue where to begin. I even used a soft body. But that failed too. I saw some swinging rope techniques using hooks. But then I went for a Mesh deform.

But now I noticed that the string stretching is wrong … Endpoint curves need to be closer than in the middle with more weight, more stretched.

Maybe my brain is wired to see “Banksy”?


Great word play subject, and execution. Tricky to choose composition.


Hope I can find the time to get this one done before deadline this time.
Sky leviathan…


Top one definitely better. Great entry!

Personally, the most valuable thing I got from the new character course is Grant’s voice in my head saying his catchphrase, “I’m happy with that” - which allows me to stop, breathe, and move on. Used to want perfection when really what I needed was “good enough”…

It’s important to experiment with different techniques, but with something like Blender, there are sometimes a thousand ways to do the same thing, so getting anything out should be considered a personal achievement.

Well done!


Or “Hop 'on to the next challenge”. :wink:


First time I was working with metaballs (how I never seen this before in add menu :v). I tried to do some fluffy clouds but i didn’t think that shader can be hard as that, beyond my patience :grinning:


After a bad hair-day. As “in the Air” you visit the “Hair salon”.

This is the new week 11 subject

Reminder for: @Josa_Booba


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