Trouble with inverse kinematics and lamp


I am going through the beginner blender course, and while doing the Inverse Kinematics part of the course with the lamp got in a bit of a headache. I built a slightly different mobile lamp and can figure out how to setup constraints in order for the lamp to behave properly. I’ve setup 3 IK constraints and am trying to move the lamp using the upper bone attache to the shade with Auto IK, but its just not behaving as can be seen in the picture below.

What am I doing wrong I have put an IK Constraints on each one of the three yellow bones to track to the object I circled in red, but it just doesn’t work.
Happy to share my blender file if that is something I can do in this forum.

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Someone with similar questions has a post about this topic in the Blender forum a month ago.
Use search enter multiple search terms and ‘Mark_Jackson’.

Or this page can help

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This sort of thing gets very complicated and is why it is not how the course introduces beginners to armatures. It can be tricky enough with a plain arm to start with!

If Mark or someone can sort this out it would help them to have full screenshots with the relevant panels open.

Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I think Mark’s post will definitely help.

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I was able to get it mostly where I wanted thanks to the starting point I was given looking at Mark’s article so I thought I post the result here.

Once I figure out how to upload a blend file I’ll do that as well.
Many thanks again for the help.


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