The Blender Collab: Week 23 Themed Gallery (“Childhood Games”)

Amazing low poly work!
A really solid composition that the eye gets lost in… in a good way. Weight and movement nicely conveyed.

That Corgi! :+1:


I really like your work, as usually. It’s like painting.
Nice 1/3 framing, and good full frame composition.
And there is a story to be explored.

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That’s gotta be the most intense Hide And Seek game ever! I love it!

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Yeah guys… I was not able to finish everything in time so I had to do with what I got! :laughing:

I will be posting a better one in the next following days, but I wanted to leave this one here for the challenge!



Time to vote. You know how it works, but in case you don’t:

Not sure if everybody finished, so I just used whatever most recent picture you submitted.

Note: These are just thumbnails representing the submissions to save space. If you want to see the full submissions, scroll up ↑

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Nice work everybody!


@Jaco_Pretorius 's work was outstanding! The concept, the use of freestyle, lights and everything was simply incredible!

@Ricardo_Rodrigues yours was so nostalgic! I’m more or a Pokémon fan, but Digimon still has a place in my heart.

@Blest again, amazing work! Don’t know if you are using bones for the poses, but if you are not, then it makes your work infinite times better! You are making me a huge fan of your work!

Amazing work everyone! You guys did great!


Thanks man!

Lots of good memories from the digimon time man! Lots and lots!

I will be posting a new version with beter lighting and scenario soon, here on the forum!


Every time it’s so difficult to choose.


Thank you! I didn’t use bones, my next course lecture will be “Introduction on Armature”. But I think, that everything, that simplifies work, is good, isn’t it?


Thank you! Nice low-poly race car… ready to use as a game asset :sunglasses:

Well done everyone! :clap:

@Blest’s composition is on point… impressive that was done without armatures. Learning about armatures will most likely be frustrating - warning… single-loop elbow and knee joints will get heavily deformed… so at first you’ll probably find it doesn’t simplify things, but I hope you persevere and you manage to build on that elegant style.

@albesca’s Lego dude is a great replication.

@FedPete I think should get the “less is more” prize considering how much nostalgia he made me feel with just one cube and some array modifiers. Well done!

@Manu_Scheller’s Shiggy even as a WIP is impressive - can’t wait to see the final version, I’m sure it will be worth the wait


Thanks, I passed my collection of loose bricks and figures to my son, but I do have a few “grown up” sets and still love playing with him building strange vehicles for his city


@Jaco_Pretorius thank you :slight_smile: :pray:t2:
I will show you the final version then :+1:t2:


Definitely was hard to choose again. Great work everyone! And thanks for the nostalgia haha

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The poll has closed and the results are in. @Jaco_Pretorius is this week’s winner! You get to pick the new topic and make the next thread.

Nice job once again, everyone!


Erm… yay?

Cool, I’ll get on it.

EDIT: New collab is over here.

Nice subtle textures.

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Yeah man looking really good! How’d you do your textures?

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@Jaco_Pretorius, @Tyger2

Thanks guys :grin:
I made the textures with substance painter, it’s really worth it :+1:t2:


Wanted to put this here just to make sure you all saw it:

I started a New Team Project which is separate from this challenge. All are welcome! Hope you guys can join in!