The Blender Collab: Week 23 Themed Gallery (“Childhood Games”)

The Blender Collab: Week 23 Themed Gallery (“Childhood Games”)

Don’t be afraid to join, a lot of us are beginners. This is all to practice, to have fun, to learn and get together.

Rules are simple. 1 subject, 1 entry, 1 week.

You create whatever object or scene or whatever you can think of that has something to do with the subject . It can be as simple or complicated as you want, all entries are welcome! Post your picture here in this thread.

This week’s subject is “Childhood Games”. Choose any game(s) from your childhood (video games, board games, playground games, whatever!) and make something about that.

The deadline is 2020-06-17T16:01:00Z
EDIT: Deadline extended to 2020-06-18T00:00:00Z

If you want an extra challenge, you can also choose a limitation to impose on yourself to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Feel free to share your limitation ideas to help each other. The point is to try to not do something you usually do, so that you can build other skills. This part is totally up to you.

Limitation ideas:

  • Only use primitive shapes [no edit mode]
  • Low-poly only
  • No image textures
  • No colors (grayscale only)

We have been having a lot of fun so far, and would like to continue to grow this activity, so feel free to share this post with other fellow Blender students.

Happy Blending!

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I am going to make a dice game probably . Theme is going to be sci fi .
here is the dice i modeled

i need to work on UV editing though .


Oops, forgot to add a deadline. Check edit of first post.

Those are really cool! Did you just make them now? That was really fast.

Kind of , but they are not yet ready to be used for final scene though , need to correct UV unwrapping , if you look carefully , they don’t have consistent texture .

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The moment I saw the theme I knew exactly what I wanted to do, Stun Race FX was the first time I saw a 3D game, I was very, very young, but it left a mark on me like almost any other game. You can play it if you have a Switch and Nintendo Switch Online.

For some context about this little scene you can watch this video.

This has been, by far, my favorite project, I also used a tool I wanted to try since I saw that loading blender screen, I’m talking about the grease pencil, such a unique and fun tool, I’ll probably use it in a lot of future projects.


Awesome entries so far, debating on which game I should do.

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Yeah, me too, I somehow stumped myself with this topic. lol

Think I’m gonna go with some kinda Megaman, though. Probably the old school one circa Megaman 2, since that was my favorite as a kid.

I’m thinking to go low-poly, possibly toon shader, since I’ve never done either of those before. Any suggestions?

Edit: Made a thread to log my progress. If more of us do that, it could be a way to let more people know about this collab and join in. :v:


Never played that one but it looks pretty fun. Are those 3D graphics on the SNES? Kinda reminds of Starfox.

And your scene is looking great!

Toon shading would be a good choice since pixel art tends to have that look.

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Here’s an example of when I made a toon shaded Rust Bucket from one of Nitrome’s games.


Nice! That looks good. The toon shading definitely fits the style.

trying to create a squirtle :smiley:


This is for me also a difficult subject. If I access my memory, I see very, very basic games. Cardboard, cards. I see all people here, referring to computer games … Don’t we play board games any more… ?
It think it’s my age! Here’s is my first owned computer game. Got it as a birthday present.

Let play, ready to rumble … 208 verts (could be lower by factor 2 (3D -> 2D), one texture, using grid and one array modifier. Using only a cube.



Yeah, those are 3D graphics, it uses the same kind of tech as Starfox actually, but Stunt Race was much more demanding, you can see it when you compare the in game models with the original artwork, they had to cut so many things like textures and small details, likes the one on the spoiler, it’s impressive to see how much technology has advance in so little time. In the 90s game consoles couldn’t even handle more than 500 tris on screen, now cellphones games can handle without issues 100,000 tris on screen and PCs millions xD


Nice sculpt!

Not sure what a shiggy is, but I thought it looked like a squirtle!


yeah, sorry, got mixed up with the different countries names for the pokemon :smiley:

But yes, it will be a squirtle, but i try to make it more realistic / believable as an actual animal. I usually do stylized stuff, so i try to push myself out of my comfort zone, as realistic sculpts is hard for me :smiley:


It’s looking good! Just curious–Where is it called a shiggy?

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Gonna guess it’s the Germanic-speaking countries? When searching “Shiggy Pokemon” google asks to translate from German, so it seems to check out.

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I’m also going to try something not related to computer games… I will be attempting a diorama that represents the imagination of a child at play.

A boy pointing his toy pistol through a window at some trees is actually a brave star-trooper defending his outpost from an orc attack.

Progress tracked here.


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