The Blender Collab: Week 23 Themed Gallery (“Childhood Games”)

may have bitten off more than I can chew. :man_facepalming:


It’s a really cool idea though. Can always finish it later if you don’t have time.

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Thanks… I think I’ll have something to submit… just need to cut back expectations - was hoping for a camera-sweep with the Stranger-Things effect but will most likely have to settle for 2 stills. :cry:


probably can’t finish all, but thenn i’ll upload the wip ^^

Have barely started :rofl: have had a busy week but I may be able to finish it today.

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K, here is my entry… it’s a septage… :man_shrugging:

Don’t really have more time to work on it so looking forward to everyone else’s entries.


My submission is the boss fight in Mario Vs Donkey Miniland Mayhem, a game I played a long long time ago on the DS, not sure if anyone has heard of it :sweat_smile:
The reference: image
And the recreation:

had quite a bit of fun recreating this however I’m not sure about my recreation of the characters, but I think the camera is far enough away for it to look good :laughing:


Here is my entry for the challenge: a classic Lego minifigure

As a form of self-challenge, except for the hair I built every shape with simple mesh and applying various boolean modifiers to cut them as needed


I really love this story visualized. In the beginning, I didn’t understand your idea and concept very well. But now I’ve seen the end result, it’s an impressive project. For me a good example of “Childhood Games”.
Imaginative, good distinct color schemas, even a difference in lighting. Which creates a different atmosphere. The Low poly is good ‘readable’, understanding, visualizing what it is.
I feel the need, as in a next project, to transfer it as a video clip.

I give it :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Here’s where I’m going to stop. Low poly was fun but challenging. It almost seems like an entirely different discipline, which in order to do right, I would need to dive into more deeply.

I picked midnight my local time to be the deadline, which was silly, because I won’t be awake. So I’ll extend the deadline to 2020-06-18T00:00:00Z, when I’ll be awake to start the poll, so if anybody’s scrambling to finish, you have a few more hours.


I think you totally nailed it! Pretty impressive!


I thought I would miss the deadline but i see it was just postponed! NICE! I’m almost finishing mine =)

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Love the story it tells. Good as always!


Great recreation, especially the hair, I myself have played, and still do, with Lego a bunch :smile:


Amazing low poly work!
A really solid composition that the eye gets lost in… in a good way. Weight and movement nicely conveyed.

That Corgi! :+1:


I really like your work, as usually. It’s like painting.
Nice 1/3 framing, and good full frame composition.
And there is a story to be explored.

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That’s gotta be the most intense Hide And Seek game ever! I love it!

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Yeah guys… I was not able to finish everything in time so I had to do with what I got! :laughing:

I will be posting a better one in the next following days, but I wanted to leave this one here for the challenge!



Time to vote. You know how it works, but in case you don’t:

Not sure if everybody finished, so I just used whatever most recent picture you submitted.

Note: These are just thumbnails representing the submissions to save space. If you want to see the full submissions, scroll up ↑

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Nice work everybody!


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