Made a medieval character

I realized how much I’m subconsciously affected by goblin slayer


Cool! Is it bone armor?

Nice… I think you should re-purpose it as an entry for this week’s colab.

Reminiscent of that old game Ghosts&Goblins.

no well its just un textured I applied a simple metallic material to separate the armour and non-armour parts

ah well nice idea is it still open? . Incidentally I derived inspiration from goblin slayer
I just checked the rules and it says no edit mode , this model doesn’t follow to guidelines

Yeah, it is still open for another 15 hours or so… do it! Gain some XP and level up your skills!

That was just an idea for ways people could limit themselves if they wanted to. You can actually do whatever you want for the collab!

oh I see ill upload the updated version then

I was building this for my upcoming game

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