Short story - Final Ogre Render

Hello There!

I spent some time - maybe too much time - combining my creations from different GDev courses into a short story: Dangus In Dungeon.

Warning - some blood!

Yes, there are a few issues with the Ogre sliding over the ground. But at one point you must move on.

I did the comp in DaVinci Resolve. In a nutshell - learned a lot :smiley: I need to spend some time with Blender’s compositing tool.


ps: Thanks @Grant_Abbitt for your Blender courses.



Wow, great cinematic video. Nice short story. Good camera movement and usage (first person). A lot of work!

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Thank you. I very happy with the result. Given that I started my Blender journey just ~4 months ago. :smiley:

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Oh man, this was really awesome! Well done with the video. And really creative way of combining the assets you’ve created from multiple courses (I’ve done the beginner course with the dungeon as well, and I’m going to be stating the anime character course next!). Really well done all around!


Thank you very much.

Now that you say it, I could have added the bust we make in the beginner course.

I was going to add my dragon head too. But time …

Looking forward to seeing your anime character. :smiley:

Cheers, R.


Great work Ray, I especially loved your dynamic Camera animation.


Thank you.

I wonder if someone here knows this - what’s the best way to drive a camera through a scene? I used two curves. One for an empty that is a few frames ahead of the camera. And the 2nd one is as rail for the camera. The camera is pointing at the empty. It worked, and at the same time gave me some headaches losing sync. :smiley:

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For me, I would try just one curve.
But for the empty using a sort of offset?

Move the question / topic over here >>>

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Great use of all the Blender Course Material! I did half expect to see the low-poly dino in there somewhere! The emerald Monkey was a good touch!

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Thank you for sharing your process!

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Any time. This helps me to reflect what I did and how, and what I could do differently.

Here are two more

A breakdown of my Collab Entry - Shrine - Blender Courses / Show -


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