The new challenge discussion thread!

Hi everyone,
On the lattest blender collab (week 20) we did had some great discussion about setting a new challenge with an extended period of time. The weekly challenge rules will not change, we are talking a brand new challenge here. This Thread purpose is to get some fresh idea about how we could get it started with the maximum benefit for everyone.

So let’s start some brainstorming session here!

Here is what I think could be interesting:

  • In my opinion, a duration of 2 weeks up to a month would be great!

  • I also believe it could be a good idea to turn the achieved weekly collab into this new challenge. That would give unfinished project a second chance and would allow a bit of polishing too for those how did make the deadline. Also that would allow people to submit a single render into the two challenge simultaneously, wich would be a great thing.

  • as a requirement, I would suggest a mendatory new technique for the artist, something they never did before. They could also, if they please, link some tutorial of talk about issues they encounter or ideas the wanted to achieved.

And you, blender people, what do you think?


This sounds great, I like the idea of a longer challenge for those that really what to push their skills. Here are some points I would like to discuss tho.

  • The mandatory new technique should not be a rule. This might cause entry troubles for beginners or people that simply want to specialize into a particular style or tools.

  • I think the subject should be entirely separate from the weekly challenge, this allows to further train your creative muscles, that being said, I don’t see a problem with people using their previous entries. What should not be allowed is using the exact same entry.

  • Don’t make it a competition, this is going to be a long one:
    To compete kills the purpose of this, which is learn, experiment, have fun and maybe even meet people. I’ve seen how Game Jams have turn into this absurd competition instead of a learning and networking experience, the moment you introduce a reward (as little as choosing the next theme), people start doing crazy stuff like cheating or doing the exact same thing over and over again with little to no benefit, that’s why I haven’t participated in the weekly challenge and even took down one of my entries, my mindset is “I have to win” because well, it’s a competition, instead of “Hey! Let’s have fun and do something crazy even if it ends up looking awful!” You learn more from that kind of work even better when people give feedback, but for some, like myself, is hard to keep it as a learning experience when it’s clearly a competition.

  • Mandatory feedback. This is to push the purpose of this. Tell what you like and don’t of at least one entry and don’t leave anyone without feedback.


I am happy with a longer time frame series of events running separately.

For me these events can get me to make something I would never bother or conceive making otherwise. Most things I play with are hundreds of hours and unsuited to such short creation. They make me limit by ambition! But often have to look up how to do different things.

At the risk of disrupting this thread. How about a real collaboration? I wondered if we could set up a single world/scene tile by tile. Based on those tile type scenes some make. (I never have)

So we start a world with an opening post of one tile. It, if square, could be hex, has four sides new tiles can be added. So people claim a square, and need to make it in a time period. Popular joining sides will get more claims so a vote can pick which goes in at the end of the time. It has to connect reasonably logically to the original and not close off following tiles.

Basically the first tile is just a crossroads. after that the next tile might pull towards a forest on one path, a village on another etc. As it expands it quickly has more tiles to use than we have potential creators.

Uploaded selected tiles, joined to the starting one and posted for the next round.
It will require more discipline like scales. A sample humanoid on tile one?

May be too ambitions but more on the lines of that game jam thing.


There is a lot of great ideas already, good work, let’s keep grinding even more!

I do like everything I’m reading so far, the collab part is original and could turn into something very interesting. If we do make some tiles, we then should get quite specific about the realisation, to make all projet scaled right and have some kind of smooth transition between each tile. That might be a little less beginner friendly, but I guess we could use more experimented artist taking over at some point and tweak them if needed. We will need to be carefull with the level of detail also, we could not have a high poly tile next to a low poly one, that would be odd.

Still that would be a very fun project, let’s keep gather some more great idea and we should be able to tie it all together nicely.

Also, I understand the fact that we need to be carefull with the “challenge” part of it, I have always been thinking it more like a self-challenge also, not in a competitive way. So yeah, I guess we should take the pools and winners out of this.

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Cool idea! What about choosing a theme/scene and each making different assets to put together? We could take turns choosing the theme and assembling the scene.