Team Project 1 - Hopper's Western Motel

Ok, let’s get this project rolling!

This is the subject that we will try to recreate in Blender:

As I wrote previously in the original discussion, I’d go with a low poly recreation of the scene; a few points:

  • the final render will be static, so the woman can be either rigged and posed or directly modelled in pose, however the person who will model her feels the most comfortable with
  • by the same token, while I think that most of the element should be in the correct scale to make building the scene easier, the exterior save for the car may be smaller
  • the rest of the car won’t be seen and doesn’t cast any visible shadow, so I expect to have it modelled just a bit below the window sill
  • after the recruitment and assignment phases I’d set the following steps:
  1. rough uncolored block out with basic shapes to layout the scene and workout the relative proportions of the models
  2. low level details block out with simple colored materials to get a general feel of the final effect
  3. mid to high level details (for a low poly scene, anyway) with textures (I’d love to get a handpainted feel in the textures, like in Life is Strange, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here :smiley: ) for the final rendering

This list looks fairly complete, short of maybe the tags on the suitcases :stuck_out_tongue:
Besides the woman and the car everything is fairly low detail in the painting itself, and it does look like the window panes are so clean as to be invisible, so we can safely ignore them.

Ok, who’s in?
I think that who wants to join should write what they think they could do given their skill/free time and then we will assign the modelling accordingly.
I would keep the project open for recruitment until 2020-06-29T18:00:00Z, and then we will assign tasks and start with the first modelling phase.

I’d like to encourage everybody to join regardless of how little they feel capable of contributing: we’re not pros (I certainly am not, at least) and this should be a chance to improve one’s skill and have fun together in a way that’s not possible with the weekly challenges.

here the github repository for this project: western-motel
and here’s the discord channel to discuss this and future projects: Team Project


I suggest those concerned about what they feel up to doing pick first.

Remember we are only out for a lowish poly so do no be deterred.
Further, this is a collaboration, if you get stuck or have a problem with your item the rest of the team will help and advise wherever they can. It is about doing it together.

I am happy to do anything of it. Less keen on the car but can do if need be.


I would also be happy to try any of them, though I think others may be better suited to make the woman. My first choice would be the car.

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I’d like to make the bed.

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I am in.

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I’m in.

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@Sahil_Nain @skypekitten9 :+1:

Which models would you want to do?

I set up the github repository for this project:
github project repository

I already invited @Tyger2.
@NP5, @bunnyUFO, @Sahil_Nain, @skypekitten9, do you have a github account? If you give me your username I’ll add you as collaborator for the project

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Here is my public user.
Nothing you can see on my user lol.
I only have private repositories for mostly web development stuff.

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I could try the briefcase as a start.

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I would like to try Lamp , Photo frame and would like to do the car front as a exercise but not sure will be able to pull it off so dont depend on me for car front .

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Ok, so far here’s the team with with proposed model:

  • NP5: not the car, if possible
  • Tyger2: car, in any case not the woman, if possible
  • bunnyUFO: bed
  • skypekitten9: suitcases
  • Sahil_Nain: lamp and photo frame, also would try the car
  • albesca: nothing in particular, though given that I’ll build the scene I’d do the room and the outside (save for the car)

I also sent invitation on the github project to bunnyUFO, Sahil_Nain, NP5 and skypekitten9, I think you have to accept it before being allowed to push your changes


Well seems I am in! Have even put a file into the system. Probably wrongly. I suppose there is some way to update the ones there? Or add them like posts in a thread for each component?

@albesca Do we have to recreate the scene as it is or we can add something to the scene as well ??

I’d start with recreating the scene as depicted

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Looks like there’s six of us on board, so here’s my suggested assignments, with the associated file in the project’s repository:

  • Woman (woman.blend): NP5
  • Car (car.blend): Tyger2
  • Room and windows (room.blend): albesca
  • Curtains (curtains.blend): albesca
  • Bed (bed.blend): bunnyUFO
  • Suitcases (suitcases.blend): skypekitten9
  • Armchair and cloth: albesca (unless anybody else volunteers)
  • Bedside table (nightstand.blend): Sahil_Nain
  • Lamp and Photo frame (nightstand.blend): Sahil_Nain
  • Sky, mountains and road (landscape.blend): albesca
  • Scene setup with camera and lights (main.blend): albesca

I’d set the first deadline for the basic blockout of the models on 2020-07-06T20:00:00Z

I’ll probably fix the scale of the models once I put them together in the scene, as long as everything is proportioned there shouldn’t be any problem


Looks like you got a lot on your plate there. I wouldn’t mind adding something else if you want some help.

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I haven’t started yet, but I think the car is quite complex, so maybe you could just take the curtains?

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I do not participate in this. But I would try to find reference photo’s on the web. Searching for cars around the age of the painting. The model the hood, lights …

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