Nailed it

Here is my guy after the first painting video. I clearly messed up somewhere during the uv unwrapping or the baking section, or maybe during the retopo, but at this point I’m just going to keep rolling with what I have. I will definitely be redoing this course!

Figured I’d share just in case there is an obvious reason why my textures look so weird.

The black artifacts showed up when I baked the normal. It definitely doesn’t look like the normal in the video:


More people had this problem, try to search on these forums. For example


Good job pushing through. Second time through should be easier and you can work out the problems you have with this one.

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This happened for me when I baked and the hp mesh overlapped the lp mesh. Parts poked through and caused these black spots, etc. I did a shrinkwrap with the lp, changed the ray distance and that solved it. That solution doesn’t work for smaller parts though. I’m using 2.90.1 and it has these options that aren’t in Grant’s version, if you’re using 2.90.1 bake with these options, seems like 2.8 handles extrusion automatically or something. Sorry for late response, only at this part of the course lol


Thanks, it does seem that new extrusion helps a lot.

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wonderful xxx jess