Mr. McTaggard and His Invention


I was going to do a bar scene with some men playing cards at a table. I did this instead:

I present to you Mr. McTaggard and his invention.

This is my second scene, since the instructor suggested doing one or two. Not of this complexity, but I could not help myself. I wanted to utilize all my parts but in a different setting: the Robot, well, horse, man, and the ramp.

I have updated the man and added a face, hair (sort of), some feet, and some hands. I also added a house, upper cliff “house” and stairs to it, lamps, support beams for the robot, and a cliff.

The robot has been taken apart by his creator, the illustrious Mr. McTaggard, because his invention malfunctioned earlier on and walked off at night some time ago. It seemed that an error in its system made it think it was thirsty and need water. Of course its circuitry was not well pleased with the whole affair, neither the townsfolk of Inclined-Landia.

The well was precious to these people for they had been meticulously designing and crafting it. But then the large metal man tore it out from the ground, but finding it could not reach the well, it went romping about until it found a river. The inventor found it there and managed to get it back home before the locals could take hold of it. It was dreary work trying to convince the water stupor’d automan to return home.

The Inclined-Landonians took NP5 up on his offer and settled for his much simpler, but more elegant well pump:


This looks great :slight_smile:

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Very nice scene with a story.
Now in time, you will be able to animate the whole affair!

I think that sneaky McTaggard, actually programmed the robot to steal Inclinedlania’s well, as it has appeared intact by his cabin! This report is a tissue of propaganda to get away with upgrades to his Robot on the pretence of dismantling an ‘errant’ error in the original.

Wise choice taking up the pump offer Inclindlandia.


I suppose the Inclinedlandians will need to investigate this matter further. Was it malicious intent? Or did Mr. McTaggard innocently ask the robot for a bucket of water but an error made it think it was thirsty and mistook the well for a bucket. Or is there a third party in this whole affair? Perhaps the faceless horsemen or some future unknown?

Also note the water did not destroy it, but made it like one who should have come home early from the pub. Out too late again, Mr. Robot? Lets fix you up.

Again? If we knew this question, perhaps more would be answered. But perhaps the only answer for now is “42”.


“42” is the answer, but the mystery lies in the question …


I would like to point out to people DamianFairus’ scene. Although he posted it after my own, it was his that inspired my rockwork. Simple yet effective: take a cylinder and stretch it apart.

I added on top of his technique my knowledge of loop cutting so that I would have more segments to play around with. Then I applied that to a sphere and made Mr. McTaggard’s beard. The lamp that I used in this project was a teaching lamp I had used to show him a few tricks for him to use for his own lamp: the same featured in his scene and his first modeling project.

This is the instruction lamp:

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