2022 Collab: Week 47 "Light and shadow" - VOTE CLOSED

This is the Blender collaboration 2022, week 47 challenge. Don’t be afraid to join, a lot of us are beginners. This is all to practice, have fun, learn, and get together.

This week’s subject is “Light and shadow” .

The rules are simple. 1 subject, 1 entry, 1 week.
You create whatever object or scene or whatever you can think of that has something to do with the subject. It can be as simple or complicated as you want, all entries are welcome!
Post your picture here in this thread. And at the end of the week, we start to vote. And if you are the winner, you may choose the next subject and win a unique badge.

Deadline: 2022-11-26T22:55:00Z

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Hey is it ok if me and the despicable dm work together for this?


Yes, no problem!
We had in the past some team-effort projects.


Here’s my entry


Light and Shadows …


Switching over to Eevee, because fog is hard to do on my laptop.
But with Eevee (just experienced it), a lot of tweaks to do.
Still getting no luck on the shadow thing…

This is more “Close encounter of the first kind” look.
Used a new technique, learned from the BCON22 "One hour of greeble - Live workshop at the Blender Conference 2022 session. In which many mysteries of the mirror modifier are explained.


Well, I guess here we go again :fire:

May I introduce:
Val the Balrog, crushing flame of Udun.

Val is one of the old Balrog’s of Morgoth, but since Morgoth had been defeated long ago Val doesn’t care anymore about the wars with man, dwarf and elf.
It’s not clear if Val is male or female because Balrogs do not mate in the way most species do - which makes Val refer to himself sometimes as male, other times as female, not caring too much about it anyways.

The name Val comes from Valarauko, the Quenya (old elven language) word for Balrog (which is Sindarin (language of the grey elves and “modern” elvish)).
Val lives deep down below the surface of the earth in some huge caves with nice, warm magma streams… and she only lights her fire when someone dares to enter his realm, like those terribly annoying wizards and sorcerers who call stuff at him like “You shall not path!!” and other rude things.
Then Val incenerates in an instant and wings of flame and smoke arise from her back when she is willing to fight the tresspassers with all the power and burning vigor he had shown in the long time passed battles between Morgoth and the elves of Middleearth.

Maybe nice-to-know side note:
Skull, jaw and body are sperated. All together Val had more than 3.000.000 faces.
After retopo she has less than 10.000 faces, together with the horns, claws, hooves and teeth.
I am pretty happy with how Val turned out after baking and how he moves after rigging.


Remember, I will pick the last uploaded entry!

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You mean in terms of my two posted entries or do you mean to say that the winner will be the last who posts here? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I believe what @FedPete means he will choose each entrant’s last/final version of her/his entry.

Some folks post entries while they work through their projects, so he wants every one to know the last version of their project will be the one he’ll choose for the Collab, unless, of course, you tell him otherwise.

Hope that helps.


Thank you, Miss B :slight_smile:
I just wanted to tease FedPete a bit with this question :wink:

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Despicable dm didnt finish his side in time, so heres mine.

the top one is my final entry.


Here is my entry for these challenge!



Hello, i hope i’m not too late.

This image explains how difficult it is for someone to fight his shadow. The “bed” in here represents Shadow, how laziness and doing nothing are such a pleasure things but we don’t realize that it actually leads us to something bad for our life

And the “door” in here represents Light, how hard for us to start and keep improving (grinding) consistenly. Also the door is a symbol of opportunity. We never know what will happen to our future. But if we keep learning as long as there is a way, i believe we will find Amazing Life in our future :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for my bad english :smiley:


We @BlenderCollab have a few days to vote. You can vote fast but also think slowly about design, colors, technique, difficulty, subject, realism, etc. Choose consciously and not on your own entry.
And the new subject week 48 “Office Supplies” has already started. The winner of this week’s “Light and Shadow” challenge may select a subject for week 1 2023 and wins a badge.

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I saw that one! Really cool. It made me want to make some big sci-fi structures. “Greebles” could be a cool challenge topic, but I don’t know how wide-reaching it would be. Awesome submission, by the way.

@zeRgenTa Your submission is really clever. How did you figure out how to place the things in the right places to make the shadow like that?

@Ginger I like this a lot! Simple, but well-composed and compelling.


@FedPete I watched that whole workshop after seeing your link. Interesting to see how to quickly build massive structures/environments like this in a more controlled way than using geo nodes. I must try this out myself some time.

@Jack_Mak_Morn Very nice sculpt. I especially like the abs, pecs, and shoulders. Is it meant to be as big as in LOTR? Can’t get a good grasp of its scale

@Cows I was looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with together. Interesting weapon variations from you though. Suitable for strong heroes

@Ginger I originally wanted to do something like this with my last weeks collab entry. Nice volumetric lighting. Eevee or Cycles?

@zeRgenTa Very clean and artistic. Nice take on light and shadows. I’m also curious about your process.

@falfalfal19 You had a very symbolic light and shadow submission. But I like your idea, because I’m very symbol-minded myself :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Thanks, that’s nice to hear.
It’s not as hard to do as it may appear, because there are a near infinite number of ways that one can make a given shadow.
Thanks, it is good to hear that I was able to convey the style I was going for. :slight_smile:

It is a fairly simple process.

  1. Collect some references of what you want to cast a shadow of.
  2. Import the references and align them with the surface you want the shadows to be on.
  3. Set up a spotlight with 0 radius. (It needs to be turned up for rendering, but it’s easier to work with it at zero.)
  4. Set up a workspace with two viewports, one for the object, the other for the shadow.

After everything is set up, all that has to be done is moving objects around (In my case, I mostly used curves due to time constraints.) until it matches the references.


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