2021 Christmas Special Collab - end of the year challenge - CLOSED

For our students who would like to do a bigger project, we have the Christmas Special Collab.

Last month special “Christmas”.

You have four weeks to design something related to Christmas. A story, a game, a drawing, a video, an illustration, or just the best wishes.
Just place your entry in this topic thread! That’s it!

  • This collab runs beside the normal weekly collabs.

Deadline: 2021-12-25T22:55:00Z

Remember: Just have fun!
NP5 & FedPete

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First transformation.

(WIP) Work in Progress


I really like this set of your people. They have their own distinctive and funny style. Did you ever plan to make a city scene populated with them?


It brings me to the concept of having hundreds of Santa’s crossing the city …
I’ve some days to burn, before Christmas.

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And that’s my Santa. Going for something complicated but having much fun in process. And learning a lot.


I like the fur!
The sculpting is very well done!
Could be 3D printed.

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Okay :smiley:
(He was in printing already when you asked)


LOL, and yes because the model hasn’t much overhang and compact design. So, I thought, it’s suitable for 3D print. Great outcome!

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Thank you! However, it needed a good tree to support some parts (Santa’s nose required a special branch lol).

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Projects will grow and grow …

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Oh, I haven’t used Blender for a long time. I need to start lessons from the beginning… Just wanted to share my picture. I’ve got an order for painting from my last year’s Blender creation. Just finished.


You painted this just using Blender? :open_mouth:

Sorry, I’ll explain. Last year I made a Blender picture for a Collab. Here: Blender Collab: Year final “Christmas cards” . And now I painted a picture with oil paints.

This is not for the current competition!


Good to see you back Blest you and your collab entries have been missed!

Great painting from the blender project. Now if there was a paint printer it would be so much easier!


Welcome back from me as well @Blest as I’ve always enjoyed your creations. :grinning:


Ah I see, well both look really good!

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@Blest - Congratulations on such a nice 3D to 2D conversion!
I don’t know how you did this. But there is more 3D in this 2D painting than I have seen in many 3D illustrations. It’s a beautiful piece of handmade art.
Even the painted textures are live-like. The fur, the cloths.
Maybe this is your ‘thing’ and I hope to see more work from you.



Thank you! Thanks to everybody! I miss you too… My greatest problem in studying Blender is that it’s for me just for fun. I had a lot of free time during lockdown, and started the course. I just don’t see the ways I can use it except as sketches for pictures. And I missed so many interesting themes that you’ve completed…


Small edit: I added a glare filter for the christmas lights and small tweaks to the brightness

Here is my submission for the Christmas challenge done :slight_smile:
The frog design is inspired by “Over the Garden Wall”, and the project is actually a present for my sister, a violinist.

It’s intended as a gif, so here it is in video form also:

Frog Christmas

It took probably at least a dozen tutorials from various YouTube videos, but I learned a lot! The tree was especially fun to make. Hope you like it! :grin: :christmas_tree:


A lot of work. I did expect to hear some music (because of the video format).
Nice entry.

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