WIP - Fish & Tank

low poly

Smart usage of modifiers

First layout and camera test


This is exactly what I was going to make… Ok, back to the drawing board :rofl:

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Just follow your ideas!
it doesn’t matter if more people come up with the same idea!

It is what it is …

If the subject was flowers, everybody made flowers.

Show us your Fish tank !

Eevee, I love hate Eevee …

Why is this wheel shadow part so strange?
Like a cylinder shape.

FishTank - 03a


Thinking about adding some prints to the side of the tank.
Adding a UV-map so I can develop something in GIMP.


Deciding on color theme … Navy blue is better suited.
Using Eevee, 81K verts, 82K faces


Yes the blue watery camouflage effect looks good and has a logic to the concept.
Something like a trail of bubbles instead of smoke from an engine exhaust?
A ‘sky’ of the underside of the water surface?

yes, I’m struggling with this concept.
Air bubbles, water …
But then the scene would be bigger to give room to all the new elements, like a real fish tank …

So, I’m building (reusing) the components, try-out the composition. And I also came to the conclusion, the tank should be a turtle shell, but then I need something for the wheels. 20 or so crabs …?

If you go down the route of turtle shells where is the ‘tank’ pun play on words that is core to this being eligible for ‘fish tank’? Apart from the complexity to sort out.

A tank driven by a fish is a fish tank. How I read it as a concept anyway.

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Still, Work in Progress.
Need a logo, going for InkScape.
Air bubbles don’t add that much.
Lighting is a problem (dark side).


Adding cloud shadow and fog (water simulation).


Changing water simulation, using multiple spotlights.
Becoming more a submarine …
Eevee render time went crazy and Blender crashes.


Increasing Eevee fog details (resolution spots), crashes the machine.
Lot of things to tweak and improve. Many ideas, but must fit in the current composition.
Less is more …

I have to find a way to remove the white spots on the floor. As in floor doesn’t receive the light data from the spots…


Adding more details in object and colors.


Helped a lot filling in, making it more busy.

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Emulation of water reflection.


Love hate Eeevee

This time its love. Cycles have a lot of problems with low lighting conditions in a foggy environment.
Cycles with 512 samples and the default denoiser on, results in a blurry image (zoom in to see).
The better to upgrade the samples. But even with 1024 Cycles samples fireflies are visible.
I didn’t try to go for something like 4096 samples. It will take me days to render.

So I’m content with the Eevee results.


Interesting, for me those would say Cycles every time, lol. Especially as it is under sea water. It should not be crystal clear and sharp. I had wondered if you would use the compositor or some such at the end to put some filter over the whole image for a ‘watery’ distorting effect.

Can you make your bubbles more white? I first thought of the far right part great underwatery particles, micro bubbles effect. lol Not noise.

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:wink: This is funny. I thought I stop the project.
Adding more will bring it down ( Less is more ).
But you’ve made me rethink and I decided to add more hours into this project.
The learning curve start here!

Blender compositor lens distortion test run.
Looking through the thick glass …

Distortion, based on vonoroi

Distortion and Lens Dispersion (all in Blender compositor.



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