What paid software would you LOVE free access to?



I would prefer to continue use free / cheap tools. Vote for Affinity Designer as @chrisbck said. It is a great vector art application. If we loose the free access in the future we have to pay a lot for the software, to use our knowledge.


Substance painter/designer or autodesk.

Although not sure how we can wing me as a student any more lol


The idea is that ISIC will accept you guys as students based on your enrolment on our course. Then you will either buy a cheap identity card (less than $10 a year) or we may be able to arrange sponsorship. From there you can get all the software that they have deals with free, for a year at a time.


Made me lol XD


I learned 3D modelling with this software (and Catia), which is designed for engineering, and then I tried Blender + Maya + 3DSMax…
These other artist focused softwares are a ******* mess! I understand they are useful if you need to design organic stuff, or just faster than with parametric modelling… But the parametric modelling is soooo much easier to create objects with a high precision, and basically all artificial objects.
About FreeCAD, I tried it and it’s interface sucks + it lacks many features…


Autodesk offers students a 3 year subscription for free. Just thought I would let the community know ahead of time. Most of the applications only work on a Windows-based PC so Mac users (like me) can only get 2 of the many Autodesk apps.

P.S. I also have Windows


Voted for Substance, I hear nothing but nice things about it and would love to learn why!


I noticed the ISIC website requires you to be a full-time student. I would guess taking less than a dozen or so Udemy classes a year wouldn’t quite do that? (When I was in college, full time was 12-18, call it 15 credits, which meant 15 hrs classroom + 30 hours homework, officially, though I think it turned to 10 hrs homework + 20 hrs parties for many…)


Actually they are willing to accept enrolment on our courses. We may need you guys to do something extra to prove engagement, but that’s not a bad thing.


I’m more amazed that ISIC is actually allowing people who sign up for Udemy courses to qualify as students to get student IDs. I mean, it was only a matter of time given the changing landscape of education and less-reliance on brick-and-mortar Colleges/Universities. Does this mean you guys are qualifying as a College/University now?

More on-topic, I’d love to see Substance Painter (as much as I hate the fact they got bought by Adobe) become available.


I think people are starting to recognise the impact we’re having, and respecting your choice to learn this way. Onwards and upwards, and thanks for your vote.


You guys have always stood on the ethic that courses made must be freely available to all unless enough interest was generated to warrant a course on it.
This just enforces and strengthens that ethic by going that one stage further in proving that gamedev.tv is all about the learning :slight_smile: :+1::+1::+1:


Thank you Marc for your ongoing support and amazing attitude to life in general. We love you.


choices, choices…


Autodesk 3DS MAX


I already have them, but I would say Substance Painter AND Substance Designer - together.

The latter would really benefit from your teachings, and is an awesome way to enhance the look/feel of in game textures if you want to get away from that flat-look a lot of the Unity content can end up producing.

Just Substance Painter by itself is a bit of a meh.

Another reason for these being great choices is that they are a lot closer to affordability for people to migrate to once they come out of any student/course situation and want to put their skills to commercial use. Some of the others will be like “Great, but now I have to fork out $800+ to be able to leverage what I’ve learned”.


I never knew about an international student card so I went on their website and suddenly felt very old as I see a picture of a bunch of fresh face youngsters, whom I am more than twice the age of! I know there is no age limit but I still feel unnerved!

As for the vote, I really don’t know what I would love. I am currently on the Blender course so my thoughts are perhaps trying out Maya as a paid for industry standard alternative. I already have Adobe Photoshop CC subscription for my astrophotography hobby but I don’t feel that is essential for creative games development…so I vote for Autodesk suite (or collection as they apparantly calling it now). Sorry if my logic in my vote is a naive one!

If there was an option for Music making software such as FL, I would have voted for that as writing games music is an area I would love to explore! Talking of which, I’ll head over to “suggest a course” thread… :slight_smile:


ZBrush is on the top of my list


Not even so much free. But the discounted student rate for Adobe Creative Cloud would already be quite the difference. The CC pricing for combined Photoshop and Illustrator is pretty hefty for personal, amateur use.


So when will this be available?