What paid software would you LOVE free access to?



We’re in the early stages of talking to ISIC, so we’ll keep you updated. In fact I’m on the phone now.


will there be a new instructor for one of those softwares since mike is updating everything to 2.8?


We do have interest from other top-notch instructors to teach Maya with us, depends how fast @Michael_Bridges remasters the Blender course as to whether he does Maya or someone else.


I would absolutely love some tuition in AutoDesk products, mainly because the industry demands it and also because the UI is a complete mess in Maya and it can be quite pedantic in the way you have to do things in Maya (lots of things can go wrong and it’s not very intuitive). That being said, Maya is very powerful and has many tools. It’s difficult to learn them all in any single course on the internet. I’ve not found any series of tutorials as in depth as the blender course Michael Bridges does for Maya.

AutoDesk product tutorials I think would also attract a whole new range of 3D students. It would be great for this community. Also, 3Ds Max was king for so long too that, learning this software for many 3D positions is essential also.


Autodesk please!!! I’ve tried to get Maya so many times, and even when I was a college student I was having issues being able to use/download it. I can’t remember exactly what, but I know I tried for days and couldn’t get permission to download it.


Great work! I would love to have access to ZBrush, Autodesk Suite and Substance Painter. I really want to be able to learn the workflow of how those software are used. As an unofficially student, there is no access to student software programs. I really wished there were. Since most of us student will be using the software as paying customers in the future. Sad…