What paid software would you LOVE free access to?



… anyway my bad - let’s keep this on topic, there are 50,000 other topics here to be discovered. Back to the paid software you’d like us to try and get you guys free access to


The Autodesk Suite of products, mainly for 3D modeling and animation.


Mobile won’t allow me to vote for some reason but here’s a vote for Spine2d!


I voted for Photoshop but if you are you still open for suggestions, I’d love to have seen Allegorithmic’s Substance Painter on there, such an amazing piece of software, I can model fine but I’ve done nothing but struggle with texturing.


Maya, Substance Painter, ZBrush, 3DS Max… I can’t just pick one


I’ll be brave and say Visual Assist, lol…although I’m hearing new Visual Studio is supposed to be much faster?


Though I would love to see the full suite of Substance software.


VAX is a good call too, I don’t know what I’d do without it for UE4 development.


Voted for Substance Painter as it goes well with Blender. I 'd also like GameMaker 2, but that would be way too many game engines. If you REALLY want to push it, I’d love Cubase and Serum for music, heh.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR… I’d love any training software, once again, I’m thinking too hard.


For me it would have to be Zbrush, especially if we can get a course on Zbrush too. As much as I love blender and have made it my go to for 3D modeling, the software crashes when I try to sculpt anything highly detailed far more often than I would like. The Zbrush trial did no such thing but I also don’t know how to use it and not sure 45 day trial would be enough lol.


Have you checked out Affinity Designer?

I actually prefer it to Illustrator but then I’m not a power user. It is reasonable price and is a perpetual licence.


I voted for ZBrush, but I would be equal parts thrilled for Substance Painter/Designer.


(that said, Substance is at least very affordable. ZBrush and Maya/3DS Max are crazy expensive for a hobbyist)


Adobe keeps jacking up prices for their suite. But Substance is what I want and it’s about to become an adobe product. I still voted for substance :joy:


Z brush :pray:


If you could grant us access to JetBrains’ products (especially Rider for Unity and CLion for Unreal), that’d be great. As much as I liked using Visual Studio, having worked with some JB’s IDEs I can’t imagine using anything else. :wink:


Thanks for reminding me, that was top of my list and somehow I let it slip. Adding now


you stole my comment!
we as developers need IDEs and stuff, not 3D/2D graphics apps (that’s for artists!). I LOVE Rider!


Actually JetBrains already offer their software free via an ISIC card, see: https://www.jetbrains.com/shop/eform/students


Visual Assist X